The New Design-y Wornettes

Jackie, Hannah, and Maegan Wornettes share their love of Clueless, Spice Girls, and the '60s

What do Jackie, Hannah, and Maegan all have in common? They all hate Comic Sans, they know what kerning is, and they all like to save widows and orphans in their spare time. Oh, and they are the newest additions to WORN’s graphic design team!

Hi, I’m Jackie
A Vancouverite, I was raised on the Beatles and dreamt of becoming a Spice Girl—platform shoes, flare pants, and choker necklaces were all staples of my wardrobe. From a young age, I wore my style on my sleeve, and my love for fashion has not faltered, but I certainly like to think my taste has matured. Now my days are filled with Kendrick Lamar, episodes of Parks and Rec and daydreams of the future Alexander Wang bag I will someday own.

… and I’m Hannah
My appreciation for clothing goes back to the playground, where I insisted on wearing puffy party dresses as a toddler. I’d say my style is eclectic, with bits of inspiration from everywhere, though I do have an affinity for the late ’60s. I love designs that are clean and fresh, with a touch of femininity and quirkiness. When I’m not doing design work I like to be out and about—exploring Toronto’s quaint cafes and shops—and make Brooch Boyfriends. I look forward to joining the WORN community of lovely, creative, and stylish people.

… don’t forget Maegan!
My first foray into fashion was watching Clueless when I was six. I shared WORN’s love of Cher Horowitz and I begged my mom to buy me plaid backpacks. I also love Michelle Williams movies, analogue photography, and John Green novels. I like ideas, especially in relation to fashion and culture. I’m excited to be a part of WORN because it approaches fashion and style in an intelligent and creative way—something I’ve been looking for in a magazine for a long time.

Current inspirations

My main source of inspiration, this dream of a website is filled with page after page of beautiful design and enthralling typography.

The Man Repeller
The Man Repeller mixes patterns like it’s her job and has a knack for satirical writing; she’s my current go-to for fashion and wit.

RoAndCo is a Big Apple design studio that specializes in fashion branding. With resonant ideas and designs, their work inspires me on a daily basis.

Tiger in a Jar
The site explores themes of home and kinfolk, along with nature and locality. The haunting pastoral photography and short films are frequent muses.

A publication that focuses on affordable fashion and arts & crafts; this isn’t really a current inspiration, but rather a constant fixation.

Toronto street fashion
It’s wonderful to see our city’s celebration of personal style.

Misprinted Type
The portfolio of artist/illustrator Eduardo Recife has been my foremost artistic inspiration since I first discovered Photoshop as a teenager. To this day, his mixture of collage elements and deconstructed, hand-drawn type is everything I want my work to be and more.

My love for Girls borders on obsessive. Lena Dunham is a genius; she’s somehow written a play-by-play of different moments throughout my life, except her version is hilarious.

Rodarte is my favourite fashion house because the pieces are not only mesmerizingly beautiful, but they are always rooted in an interesting and intelligent idea. Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the great minds behind Rodarte, design beautiful, intricate masterpieces that function as clothing as well as art. Also, they’re friends with Tavi: always a plus.

photography // Laura Tuttle

Met Gala: Best (dresses) of the Worst (lists)

With all the different things I love about fashion, over-groomed starlets wearing expensive dresses is not usually at the top of the list. I’ve usually already seen their clothes at preceding fashion weeks, and so there is generally very little exciting about seeing them again on unnaturally shiny celebrities. I am more interested in the Met Costume Institute exhibition than I am interested in who wore what at the gala that opened it (well ok, with the exception of Chloe Sevigny).

However, as things tend to happen following an event of this sort, the entertainment blogs and mags like to divvy up the looks into the thoroughly scientific categories of what is “hot” and what is “not.” The best dressed lists seem to consist of those who were the most traditionally pretty: buzz words like “flattering” and “feminine” get thrown around. Which, naturally, leaves everything else to the worst dressed list. Perhaps it is my inner contrarian that needs to defend the honour of the riskier pieces, perhaps I just like to cause a fuss with my clothes (like that time in the tenth grade I went to school wearing leg warmers over flared jeans in order to prove a point to my mom – a point which I cannot remember, but it was important, let me tell you). Yeah, yeah, we all know Marion Cotillard and the legions of ladies in sparkling floor length gowns looked nice, but they’ve gotten enough praise already.

Here are my choices for looks that got unfairly slammed by the critics:

I decided I would put Kristen Stewart (wearing Chanel Haute Couture) first because 1) it was probably the most universally panned by bloggers and 2) got your attention, didn’t it? MTV says: “Her outfit last night looked like a prom dress gone wrong. Essentially, the cut and shape were totally unflattering.” Maybe it’s just because the girls who covered teen magazines when I used to buy them a long time ago (read: 2004) tended to be impossibly sunny and dressed in technicolour poufs (you wanna talk prom dresses gone wrong?) Either way, I can appreciate the existence of a teen queen who prefers to wear a sheer skirt on the red carpet and who doesn’t know how to fake a smile if her life depended on it. I swear I’m not just saying that in an attempt to get page hits from Twilight fans.

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Contributor Corner: Anna Fitzpatrick

How did you dress in high school?
Terribly. I went to a private middle school where we all wore uniforms, so by the time I started high school I had no idea how to dress. First, I wore these baggy corduroys every day, plus lots of Emily Strange stuff. Then I got really into ska music – I thought I was the coolest kid ever, going to shows every weekend with ripped jeans, band t-shirts, and hair dyed black. It’s painful to look back on. Towards the end of high school I started to become interested in fashion, but still played it a bit safe – I had that “Audrey Hepburn, but edgier” phase that so many teen girls go through.

Who would you rather be trapped in a broken elevator with — Karl Lagerfield, Tyra Banks, or Lady Gaga?
Gaga. I’d use the time to get her to teach me the Bad Romance dance.

If you could dress like your favourite food what would it be?
This one time when I was a teenager, I stayed home sick from school and made layered jell-o with six different flavours. It’s not my favourite food per se, but I think it’d be pretty neato to translate into an outfit.

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