Super Stylish Super Cartoon Super Villains

These notorious troublemakers are so bad but so, so good

Everyone always compliments the hero or heroine’s attire, but we always skim over the villain, since they’re all defeated and it’s the smiling hero we see at the end of the show. But villains have the best wardrobes ever. While a hero has to look pure and clean and whatever, villains have free reign to wear whatever the hell they want. Especially if they’re coming straight from Hell.

Most villains in comic books, cartoons, movies, cartoon movies, comic cartoon movies, and live action comic movies are dressed to the nines—they’ve got spikes, studs, weird curly goatees, stylish and slinky all-black ensembles, and funky colours. Look at the Queen of Hearts: cool heart patterns, red and black (the colours of eeeeeviiilll!!) and the sickest eye make-up you ever did see.

What’s Alice in Wonderland got? An apron?

HIM of The Powerpuff Girls

I could talk about the Powerpuff Girls for a month and still not run out of things to say. But first, can we talk about how this late ’90s to mid-2000s children’s TV show had an ambiguously-gendered, cross-dressing devil in thigh-high stilettos as one of its main villains?

Like, go Cartoon Network!

Anyway, HIM (HE?) dresses really well. Props for being able to wreak havoc in those heels—HE pulls them off better than I ever could. I mean, damn! That bright red jacket with the thick black belt says “I’m all business,” but the soft and fluffy pink hem at the bottom and matching boa/collar says “I like to have fun.” It’s the best of both worlds, really.

I’m not 100% sure if the claws are HIS actual hands or just really elaborate gloves, but if it’s the latter, I think HIM was like the original, cartooned Gaga. Or at least some form of inspiration. Or something like that.

The Powerpuff Girls has a lot of other cool villains to offer, but I’m gonna stick with HIM for now. The all-red-with-black-accessories colour combo really speaks to me. After all, those are the colours of eeeeeviilllll!

Shego of Kim Possible

I just Googled “Shego Kim Possible” and got a lot of Shego-on-Kim lesbian porn drawings, so I would either recommend or not recommend following my typeprints, depending what you’re into.


Shego is a really cool, sassy character, and she goes against the grain: instead of sticking with the typical villain colours of red and black, Shego goes for black and lime green, instantly juicing up her outfit with a funky punch. She wears a cool unitard (yeah! unitards!) with some abstract pattern on it using her colours of choice. Also, her boots are two different colours, which is pretty sweet.

The good thing about being a villain is that you can break some fashion rules and set your own style (since you’re pretty much breaking all the rules anyway).

Ratchet of Robots

Though his name may suggest differently, Ratchet is anything but.

For those who haven’t seen Robots, it’s about robots. Ratchet is the evil robot trying to wipe out the junkyard robots and rocking a shiny upgraded steel suit while on it.

He’s always perfectly shined and oiled. He’s the most dapper of all robots with the biggest, shiniest, and most expensive smile. Of course, rich people can afford to swaddle themselves with luxury, but Ratchet takes it one step further—he becomes the luxury product. He is luxury. He is a well-oiled style machine.

Megamind of Megamind

It’s maybe weird to put Megamind in here, since he’s the main character of his own movie. But he’s also the evil villain of his town, Metro City, making him both the protagonist and the antagonist, kind of. He’s constantly trying to do evil things, which, of course, constantly backfire, and so on and so on.

But he’s a blue-headed alien babe. His svelte, light physique still fills out his tight body suit, which is plenty shiny. Black is his staple colour of evil, and he’s got some great blue accents that really bring out the shade of his skin. Also, that cape: high collar, thick, heavyweight material. Totally perfect for evil-doing while looking good at the same time.

Mother Gothel of Tangled

Mother Gothel, even when she was looking more like Grandmother Gothel, is a total babe. She is a curvaceous evil woman, with unruly, curly black hair and enough sass to fill up the tower that she’s locked Rapunzel in.

She’s usually seen rocking a blood red dress (eeevilllll!) with some funky gold accents, and when she goes out, she swoops around with a black cloak as dark as death.

Now, cloaks are really good for a lot of things: they`re good for looking scary (evil) and good for looking cool (also evil). So if you want to look evil, cool, and scary, you have to know the must-have evil villain fashion accessory is a midnight-black cloak. Preferably with a hood.

See, you have to know these things if you`re going to be a villain. Otherwise you just look dumb.

Anyway, Mother Gothel is really rocking the cloak—it covers her completely, making her look like a dark, goth, black ghost of nightmares. Which, you know, she is. Mother Gothet is rocking gothic.

Davy Jones of Pirates of the Caribbean

Nobody makes having a beard made of tentacles look so good.

(Also, I know POTC isn’t a cartoon, but Davy Jones was like, half-animated with that tentacley goodness, so bear with me.)

Here’s the back story: Davy is charged by his true love, a sea goddess named Calypso, to captain the Flying Dutchman ship and to hustle lost souls across the ocean to the next world. Every 10 years, he can meet her again on land, but for 10 years, he has to stay on the boat in the water. So, 10 years later, he goes to meet Calypso again. She doesn’t show. Devastated, Davy Jones abandons his duty to the Flying Dutchman, and instead begins to terrorize the seas with his crew of haunted henchmen. However, since he abandoned his duty, the curse of the Flying Dutchman slowly turns him and his crew into sea monsters.

And it’s not turning out that bad.

Davy Jones still looks like the most dapper sea monster/sea captain ever, even though he’s a little slimy and covered in barnacles. He’s got that cool pirate coat and some cool pirate shoes and a cool pirate hat. Pirates are cool.

Really cool.