Halloween Flashback

My brother always got the best Halloween costumes when we were kids. Three years older than me (and probably a lot more demanding), he had home-made costumes galore, while I had hand-me-downs and thrown-together getups. He was a clown, a lobster (a lobster), a hobo-clown, a mobster, and Superman. I was a leftover clown (wearing his too-big costume), a stereotypical witch, and – well, I’m not sure what else, because clearly my costumes were not worth documenting in our family albums.

I want to see photos of your childhood Halloween costumes. E-mail scans to stephanief @ wornjournal.com and I’ll post them on the WORN blog in the days leading up to Halloween.

More fun than throwing up in your pillowcase of half-eaten Mars bars? I think so.

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Model for WORN!

In the past issues of WORN our own Wornettes have proven to be superb models, but now it is your turn. WORN is creating Serial Models, a model database of our readers, and we would love to have you in it. To coincide with a line in our mandate (we strive to portray a  diversity of culture, subculture, gender identification, sexuality, size, race and age) we are asking readers interested in posing to email models@wornjournal.com with your name, age, location, email, height, dress size and shoe size along with two photos of you (face and full body).