Contributor Corner: Anna Fitzpatrick

How did you dress in high school?
Terribly. I went to a private middle school where we all wore uniforms, so by the time I started high school I had no idea how to dress. First, I wore these baggy corduroys every day, plus lots of Emily Strange stuff. Then I got really into ska music – I thought I was the coolest kid ever, going to shows every weekend with ripped jeans, band t-shirts, and hair dyed black. It’s painful to look back on. Towards the end of high school I started to become interested in fashion, but still played it a bit safe – I had that “Audrey Hepburn, but edgier” phase that so many teen girls go through.

Who would you rather be trapped in a broken elevator with — Karl Lagerfield, Tyra Banks, or Lady Gaga?
Gaga. I’d use the time to get her to teach me the Bad Romance dance.

If you could dress like your favourite food what would it be?
This one time when I was a teenager, I stayed home sick from school and made layered jell-o with six different flavours. It’s not my favourite food per se, but I think it’d be pretty neato to translate into an outfit.

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Duckie Dale: Loyal Friend, Otis Redding Fan, Style Icon Extraordinaire

Since it was released in 1986, Pretty in Pink has become one of those iconic movies that’s been watched at many a slumber party or girls’ night across the globe. Amongst the many debates that the movie has brought up – Can two people from different sides of the track really fall in love? Was Molly Ringwald’s hybrid prom dress that much of an improvement over the original one? – there is one element that almost all the fans of the movie can agree on: Phil “Duckie” Dale was the stylish guy friend that we all wish existed in real life, both so we could befriend him and raid his wardrobe.

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