Crushing on Anja Verdugo

Despite having a sense of style that’s old fashioned (in the best possible way), Anja Verdugo does not shy away from using modern technology to express herself creatively. She can be found several different places online under the name Clever Nettle, including her Etsy store, where she sells her unique vintage finds, and her blog that chronicles her daily musings, with plenty of style inspiration to boot.

How did you dress in high school?
It was definitely a mixed bag! I was always a thrift store shopper, but for the first couple years in high school I tried to dress like any “normal” teenager in the mid-90s — lots of stretchy black flared pants and tank tops, haha. Later on I got really into novelty tights, like stripes and other prints. You couldn’t buy them anywhere in my hometown and internet shopping wasn’t what it is today, so I’d buy a new pair of expensive tights whenever I’d find myself in Vancouver, which seemed like the coolest place ever. I was just starting to get into vintage and I remember when shopping in the kid’s section at Value Village for funny 80s tee-shirts was still sort of a secret!

Can you remember when you became so interested in clothing? What kind of role does it play in your life?
I was one of those little girls who valued her box of dress-up clothing more than anything else in the world. I actually still have two vintage pieces from it, a little fur collar and a gold brocade purse. I’ve always been into clothing and dressing up, but right now it’s on my mind more than ever. Thanks to my etsy shop I get to spend almost all of my work time shopping for vintage, putting together outfits and looking for fashion inspiration online, so it definitely plays a huge role in my life! Portland is a really casual city though, so I never feel pressured to dress up or to put together a perfect outfit — it’s able to happen a bit more naturally… or at least it feels that way.

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