Fresh Faces/Bright Ideas at Pop Montreal 2013

WORN's pick Christina Julien plus some other memorable moments from the festival's shows




We are pleased to announce that Christina Julien is the Fashion POP winner for 2013. Her designs will appear in an upcoming issue, photographed by our own Allison Staton. Thanks to all the participants, and we can’t wait to see what Montreal comes up with for next year!

Christina Julien’s designs stood apart for me because they possessed that allusive simplicity necessary to truly call something a staple piece. Simple, but by no means dull. Christina has a unique approach to dressing the body, using black and whites shapes in sections to create the impression of two dimensionality. Pockets peeking out from under shorts and dresses, shorter waists, and dramatic volume in the arms and shoulders also serve to shake up what might otherwise have been conservative silhouettes. One of the most impressive things about this collection is its versatility; the pieces lending themselves well to both pared-down or bolder looks.

I look forward to creating an editorial around these clothes. We can tell virtually any story we want with them. They speak at that perfect volume, allowing the woman wearing them to say exactly what she wants. Their graphic nature will certainly be striking yet their wearability will keep them down to earth and accessible.

- Allison Staton, WORN photographer & Fashion Pop judge











photography // Laurence Philomène

Fashion POP Finalists

The 7th Annual Fashion POP Fashion Show takes place at this year's POP Montreal, and we have a first look at the finalists

The weather has cooled, the leaves are starting to turn, and if you’re in Montreal, this only means one thing—it’s time again for POP Montreal, one of the city’s largest and coolest arts festivals. It also means it’s time for Fashion POP, the festival’s fashion design competition, now in its seventh year. This year sees six of Montreal’s hottest young design talents go head-to-head for a chance to win $1000, a pop-up exhibition in Espace POP, and a fashion editorial in the coolest fashion mag in Canada (if I do say so myself): WORN Fashion Journal. We’ve gotten an exclusive first look at the finalists. Who do you think should take home this year’s prize?



Viviane LaBelle
Finely tailored menswear and sportswear, with a modern twist.
Menswear Design, Marie-Victorin College; Bachelor of Design and Fashion Styling at the École Supérieure de Mode de Montréal; Internship at Aether Apparel.



Andrea Montle
Dark and ethereal with attitude. A focus on knitwear and some slightly unpretty materials, like plastic and quilted padding. Miley Cyrus in her current incarnation would be all over these looks.
Fashion Design, LaSalle College; Collections shown at O.P.P Galerie et Boutique and Nowhereland in Toronto.



Madeleine Voizard
Dark, edgy, modern rock and roll. Very cool, and very Montreal.
Art and Communication, Brébeuf; Fashion Design, LaSalle College; Fashion Design, UQAM.



Christina Julien
Julien is inspired by mid-sixties art and films, and her clothes feature clean, uncomplicated lines, with a focus on sustainability. This translates to a lot of black and white, and clothes that wouldn’t look out of place on tuxedo-clad R&B queen Janelle Monae.
Fashion Design, LaSalle College; Internships with Christian L’Enfant Roi and Valérie Dumaine; Contestant in the 2013 Télio design competition.



Daniel Quiroz
Fur, feathers, lace, and tulle are this designer’s fabrics of choice. I could totally see Katy Perry and Lady Gaga duking it out over that tulle bodysuit studded with lights.
Fashion Design, Marie-Victorin College; 2nd Year Fashion Styling at École Supérieure de Mode de Montréal; Assistant to Maryla Sobek; Interships with José-Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Belanger of UNTTLD; Finalist in 2012 Télio design competition.


Fashion Collection

Benjamin Lafaille
Bright, eclectic streetwear inspired by socio-cultural issues, a love of opulence, and a desire to provoke. Korean superstar G-Dragon and Missy Elliott should wear these epic suits in their “Niliria” videos.
Industrial Design, Cégep du Vieux Montréal; Fashion Design, LaSalle College.

The show will be taking place next week, on Wednesday, September, 25th, at the Théâtre Rialto. The doors open at 8:00 p.m. and the show is completely FREE, so if you’re in Montreal there is literally no excuse. For more information, head to the official event listing.

portrait photography // Allison Staton

Win a Spread in WORN Fashion Journal

Fashion POP seeks entrants for their annual fashion design contest

Attention emerging designers! Fashion POP is once again searching for up-and-coming Montreal talent to participate in their seventh annual competition on Wednesday, September 25 at The Rialto Theatre in Montreal. Each designer will present a 6-look collection to a panel of industry judges for the chance to win a $1000 cash prize courtesy of Le Chateau, a spread in WORN Fashion Journal, and a pop-up showcase at Espace POP. Previous winners include Dane Richards, Norwegian Wood, and Isabelle Campeau.

For more information about how to submit your work, visit the website. The deadline for submissions is August 23.

Mon Dieu! Fashion Pop

Our intern checks out the coolest fashion show to take place in a church basement

Welcome to Église Pop—AKA the basement of the most bangin’ church in Montreal.

Expectations: In the days of yore, before I found myself interning at WORN, I was able to build many misconceptions about fashion and its industry. Hearing that Montreal’s Fashion Pop included a runway show had me believe I was entering some absurd world populated by that type of human seen primarily on America’s Next Top Model. Coming to fashion from an academic background, I was worried I’d feel awkward and out of place.

Forgive me, for I have sinned. Fashion POP is anything but your run of the mill runway romp.

Fashion Pop winner Christine Charlebois revelling in her victory

Reality: I was pretty surprised to find my nervous, fashion show virgin self back in the basement of the French Catholic church where I had downed vodka and Red Bull and danced until 4 a.m. while Peaches spun records in a giant titty-covered leotard only a few nights before. (Those of you dying to ask Is the Pop Catholic? I’ll have you know the event is totally secular. Also: shush.)

There was no snobbery at Fashion Pop—just cheap beer, house wine, and a good old-fashioned survival of the fittest competition.

This, I could handle.

Fashion Pop designer Marie Darsigny.

Montreal chic outside of Église Pop.

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