Carl Wornette

Our newest styling intern is inspired by striking visuals and minerals and almost became a chemist


Since boyhood, fashion has been my one true love. I grew up under the roof of a fashion house. My designer father and boutique-owner mother instilled in me the absolute conviction that I, too, would claim a place in their world. Though my passion for style has never truly wavered, I took tentative steps in other directions. Namely, I studied chemistry at Dalhousie, which I now look back on as such a departure. Thankfully, the decision to move to Toronto this September coincided with rediscovering my love of fashion and styling. And so, here I am: a Wornette.

Current Inspirations

Disturber Magazine

Predictably, my most powerful sources of inspiration are visual. This magazine, which showcases new work from emerging photographers, consistently provides me with these sources. Between the mind-blowing colours, patterns, and textures, Disturber Magazine is something I return to time and time again.

The Mineralogist

My roommate Kelsey is a goldsmith. When she showed me her collection of gemstones and jewels, it was instant love. I wanted more, more, MORE. The Mineralogist is a blog where I spend hours exploring my new-found passion for all that is shiny and sparkly.

A Pair & A Spare

This is a blog that shares lots of DIY fashion and home projects. It is actually very amazing and practical to see how your own hands can make things and how you too can become a “DIY fashionista.” For an aspiring fashion designer/stylist, this blog offers many learning opportunities!

Humans of New York

They say New York is the centre of the world. It’s true. The city is packed full of different people, cultures, and stories. This blog is not about fashionable, trendy people who are simply following the pack; it is about regular people living their daily lives. To me, this is just so much more interesting than the mediocrity of following.

Band of The Day App

This is a cool music app for smartphones. Every day, the app introduces one different band from all around the world. It is always refreshing and nice to hear some unusual and new music styles by different artists around the globe!

Ishita Wornette

Our new editorial intern explores her blank canvas

Middle school marked the beginning of an era of independence. I shed my elementary school uniform instantly, ready to finally wear pants instead of kilts, necklaces rather than neckties. But suddenly it felt like everything, from the bow on my head to the socks on my feet, earned side-eye from my well-intentioned friends. I felt my newfound sartorial freedom crumbling away. My reality was a world where it wasn’t okay to wear golden necklaces with horses dangling from them, and to mix brown, black, and navy all in the same outfit. But I just kept thinking—well, why not?

Now halfway through my undergrad, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this fashion thing. While the rest of my life seems overly complicated, I’ve managed to boil dressing myself down to one simple rule: the way I dress should reflect who I am on the inside, resplendent with all my personality’s multi-faceted colours, shades, and chunky jewelry.

And after finally thinning my list of eight possible subjects to study in university down to three, I’ve picked the seemingly unrelated Aboriginal Studies, English, and History. What I love about all three is that they overlap and complement each other perfectly, like pieces in a big puzzle. And that is where fashion comes in. For me, fashion represents the intersection of all that I love—history, literature, and culture. Ultimately, fashion is a medium where the politics, history, and vibrancy of the world are displayed, a true blank canvas.

This is exactly what WORN represents to me—a cheeky publication intent on seeking the quirky and unconventional aspects of fashion, embodying the real people out on the streets who are celebrating style every day.


One Big Photo
Over the past year, I’ve been overcome by a serious case of wanderlust. While I’m saving up my pennies to travel the world, this site gives me my daily fix of some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The Art Journaler
This website is a forum for creative minds from all over to share their personal discoveries through “art journaling.” Art journaling is about taking a theme, or idea, and peeling back layers of yourself through art, to discover or come to terms with the secrets you’ve been hiding. I love browsing through the journeys different people are on and get very excited when a phrase or picture resonates with me.

The Bohemian Collective
Lately, I’ve been finding my greatest inspiration through nature, and artisans with an earthy vibe have been my obsession. This site features a collection of designers who specialize in all that is folksy and handmade, putting together a wonderful lookbook every couple of months incorporating all of their jewelry and clothes. Only using natural materials like bones, feathers, and stones, their work never fails to remind me that sustainable can still be beautiful.

Indian Formal Wear
I just came back from attending three weddings in India, and now I can’t get my mind off of some of the stunning clothes I saw! Having brought back a ton of dresses, I can’t wait to see how I can put different outfits together to wear here.

Crushing on Arden Wray

Arden Wray lives in Toronto and just graduated from the photography program at Concordia University in Montreal. She recently shot an editorial spread for issue 12 of WORN, and sometimes takes photos for our blog. Arden is (almost naturally) friends with Yuli Sato, another Montreal photographer and a recent WORN Crush. Arden talks to WORN about silly high school phases, Britney and Justin’s matching outfits at the American Music Awards, and the inspiration behind her shoot in issue 12.

What’s your favourite fashion publication, and why do you like it?
My favourite fashion magazine is Lula, hands down. I’m a total dork and hold onto all the issues, so I’ve got a big stack of them in my bedroom. I really appreciate how finely they’ve tuned their aesthetic. It’s really consistent in its palette and feel, so after a while it kind of seems like hanging out with an imaginary girlfriend flipping through it. They profile really interesting women and frame it all in such a sweet, earnest, conversational way. It just makes me feel really good to look through it, which is definitely not what I’d say about a lot of fashion magazines.
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