NOW says: Why don’t you replace your Vogue with Worn Journal?

In Toronto, there are two alternative weeklies. (Full disclosure: I write a style column on a now monthly basis for EYE Weekly. It’s called Inspiration Point, which hijacks the fashion product shot as an ode to particularly obscure cultural references.) The other venerable alternative weekly is Now Magazine. Their style/design authority is a gentleman by the name of Andrew Sardone, who is a tireless supporter of the local scene. He often wears the impeccable bespoke tailoring of rising Canadian designer Philip Sparks, and also chairs the “personal fundraising pet project” Buy Design for Windfall, a service that assists homeless and emergency shelters with new clothing (we hear on the Twitter line that this year’s Barbarella inspiration will one-up last year’s Studio 54 theme. Hello, pretty pretty!).

Imagine Worn Journal’s surprise to see that our recent issue was considered required style reading this week:

Books are great, but fashion people are magazine people. Since Vogue has fallen out of favour, fill its spot on your magazine rack with the Worn Fashion Journal. The Canadian indie rag’s seventh edition is full of quirky articles and editorials on spandex, photo-realist weaving and alt prom style ($6, Freedom Clothing Collective, 939 Bloor West, 416-530-9946,

Mr. Sardone, thank you. If you’re coming to our Heartbreak Karaoke Fundraiser Party next month, we’ll be sure to keep an open slot.
-Rea McNamara