Shopping Under the Influence

There are two things l love in this world: pretty clothes and bangin’ parties. Any combo of the two will completely convince me that while shopping and drinking is a dangerous combo wallet-wise, it’s also a very clever way to promote a space, as proven by the Vintage 69 Housewarming Party.

My roomie Adam and I start getting ready like we would for any party: getting dressed up, changing eight times each, and sipping some bourbon while we fluff our hair. Already it’s more exciting than a regular vintage outing, which, for me, is generally a happenstance occasion when I am wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood. We discuss what would be the best time to get there, and the possible consequences of our equally dire financial situations, just like we’d do before any other party.

We get there pretty early and already the place is full of fashionable revelers snapping photos of each other. It really does feel like a house party: there’s beer, crackers and cheese, and a DJ to set the scene. The abundance of gorgeous and unique items is great for the party atmosphere, since there are conversation pieces everywhere. For example, one new friend explains the purchase of a doll’s head toilet paper cover, which was currently being used as a beer cozy, as “the sort of thing you’d only buy under the influence.”

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