Steers and Queers: The Night of 1000 Dollies

Steers & Queers is a long running, queer country-western party in Toronto with a cult following, and the Night of 1000 Dollies is their ode to the greatest drag queen of all, Miss Dolly Parton. I knew cow-folk culture was totally gay, but I didn’t know that Dolly Parton had such a huge following of wig-wearing fans who lived to party in her name. I convinced Britt Wornette to be my side-kick for the evening, donned my hanky top, and went on down to the Gladstone Hotel to dance the night away alongside glittering queens, Dolly-eqsue dames, and babely Burt Reynolds look-alikes. I’m still convinced I died and went to Dolly Heaven—I saw a drag queen pole dance in a giant Dolly wig, Keith Cole, and a chorus tap dance to 9 to 5. Reverend Lex Vaughn baptized Dolly, making her an honorary queer as the crowd praised the Lord with shouts of Gay-Men! And Dolly-lujah! By the end of the night, I had finally broken in my new leather shoes from dancing so hard (they were covered in huge chunks of glitter confetti) and made a few new stylish friends.

Toronto’s favourite queen and former mayoral candidate, Keith Cole with our holy master of ceremonies, Reverend Lex Vaughn.

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