After the SlutWalk: Still Not ‘Asking For It’

On April 3, 2011, thousands of people walked the streets of Toronto dressed in whatever they wanted in response to comments from a member of Toronto’s police force who told them they shouldn’t. By now, we (hopefully) all know the SlutWalk story: Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti told a class at York University that women should avoid dressing “like sluts” in order to protect themselves from being sexually victimized. This comment provoked some much-needed attention and shed light on issues that have long been present in our society but are often overlooked — victim-blaming and slut-shaming among them.

Since Toronto’s SlutWalk, at least 25 similar protests have been organized in cities around the world. From Twitter to the blogosphere to The Globe and Mail, it seems like everyone has something to say about the movement.

What to read:

An interview with Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis, co-founders of Toronto’s SlutWalk on

At SlutWalkTO, Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” by Jaime Woo for Torontoist.

The Best 30 Signs at SlutWalk Toronto” on BuzzFeed.

On the street… at Slutwalk” by Sarah Nicole Prickett for EYE WEEKLY.

Feminism and Fashion: The (Other) Two Solitudes” by Katrina Onstad for The Globe and Mail.

The Funny Thing About the SlutWalk“ on And then editor Ryan O’Connell’s much-needed apology, “We’re So Sorry About ‘The Funny Thing About the SlutWalk.’

A Dress is Not a Yes — SlutWalking in Toronto” by our own Alyssa Garrison for the WORN blog.

Upcoming SlutWalks:

Dallas, TX (April 23)
Rochester, NY (May 7)
Vancouver, BC (May 15)
Waterloo, ON (May 15)
Riverside, CA (May 28)
Montreal, QC (May 29)
Edmonton, AB (June 4)
Chicago, IL (June 4)
Adelaide, Australia (June 11)
Portland, OR (June 11)
Seattle, WA (June 19)

For a full list of SlutWalks, click here.

Want to get involved? Attend an upcoming SlutWalk or organize one for your town. Fight for the countless victims of rape who have felt further victimized by authority figures who care what they were wearing when it happened. Fight for your right to feel safe and dress how you please.

- Stephanie Fereiro

The Drake salonnière women

In 17th century Paris, Hôtel de Rambouillet was the enlightened place to be. Catherine de Vivonne, a society figure/major French literary figure, would invite all the poor writers over to socialize, and over time, these writers would develop their artful letters via the enlightened conversations that were had in many of the small rooms that Mme de Ramboullet had set aside.

Salons were ruled by women: they determined the scope of the salon, broke down class and gender barriers and even got their own informal university education (which wasn’t exactly available to them at the time). And you can rest assure that the soft pleats of their court dress got a little rumpled with all that lounging.

So us WORN women are quite excited about the opportunity we have to reclaim the blue stockings tradition later today at Toronto’s Drake Hotel. We have to been asked to host a stylish salon, with our very own G. Stegelmann and recent Worn Crush/fashion illustrator gadabout Danielle Meder leading the charge. Do we have full skirts to wear? It’s cold, no. But we — the Wornettes, Editor-in-pants, assorted editrixes — will bring good conversation (although we hope you suggest topics in the comments below, please).

Tuesday, March 3rd, 6pm
the Drake Hotel in the Lounge Room, (1150 Queen Street West) FREE.

Make the beautiful people chartreuse with envy, by strutting your unique look and joining in a cultured conversation on the inspiration of great style. Join the editors of Worn Fashion Journal in conversation with style blogger Danielle Meder for an independent look at the evolution of personal style. An essential event in the lead up to Toronto Fashion Week

Worn is Sweded

In Stockholm (south of Hornsgatan, a little west on Krukmakargartan), Papercut is the shop to go to if you’re looking for a quality record selection and hard-to-find books, magazines and DVDs. As of yesterday, shop owner Alexander (hi!) finally received a small shipment of Worn Fashion Journal’s Issue 7! Lovely. We’re currently sitting in the front window display, and stocked in the Tidningar section alongside other fine publications like Amelia’s and Nico. Wanna see?

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Worn is Stacked

Stack is a really awesome idea. It’s a subscription service out of London, England, but instead of getting the same title every month, you get a random issue from an international pool of select independent magazines.

It’s sort of the like the button-of-the-month club from the Regional Assembly of Text, or the tee-shirt-of-the-month club momimomi, this is just an indie-magazine-of-the-month club. There are some really great publications like plan B, Bad Idea, Little White Lies, and Electric Sheep, and, as of this week, Worn Fashion Journal is among them. We are the first publication from Canada and the first fashion title, and they have some nice things to say about us.

Hope the British are ready for Worn!