Rebecca M. Wornette


I love Google-searching celebrity net worths, being the passenger (instead of the driver), and watercolour paintings. I hate the sound of hands touching cardboard, part two of any musical ever, and writing introduction paragraphs about myself. “Maybe I’ll get better at it the more blogs I start,” I thought, 8 blogs ago. I feel most comfortable hiding behind a camera or scribbling notes and doodles on any paper surface within reach—in most cases, the subjects of my photos and doodles have been fashion.

A visceral response has always dictated how my style evolves. I chose my aesthetics based on “I feel like that right now” or “that dress is how I want the world to see me.” Consequently, I had a brief bandana phase after watching Pirates of the Caribbean and, since I discovered the 1960s, a special place in my heart for big hair and short dresses; I regret nothing. Every hit and miss is important, even the experiments gone horribly wrong have contributed to the development of my style—at least I can now say for sure that bandanas are definitely not my thing.

WORN, I feel, is about sharing knowledge, promoting self-reflection, and providing connections as tools to defining fashion on one’s own terms. I’m excited to be a part of a publication that encourages individuality and empowers people through fashion—rather than dictating and selling an impossible carbon-copy image.

Current Inspirations

Lorde’s Tumblr

Her blog is exactly how you’d imagine Lorde’s songs would look in a collection of images. Occasional musings and signal boosting other, little-known, eerie-sounding bands complete the atmosphere. I can get lost on this page for hours; every detail seems so effortless and yet incredibly well thought-out.

Feeling Groovy: High School Fashion 1969

This collection of photos is one of my most visited bookmarks. Head-to-toe paisley and psychedelic pattern stockings should never have gone out of style. If I could time travel, the 1960s would be my first stop—for now, I’ll settle for these pictures.

Movies in Colour

This site is a happy place for me. Movies are an endless source of inspiration to me and have had the most influence on my style. Most recently I started my own t-shirt collection and got an over-sized leather jacket in homage to Mitsuko from Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train.

On the Street

Veteran street style photographer Bill Cunningham doesn’t like “in” and “out” lists. All people participate in fashion and confidence is what completes any outfit. He captures confidence in all shapes and forms, documenting the patterns he finds on his weekly segment for the New York Times. There’s nothing better than seeing people from all walks of life, with all sorts of interpretations of style, captured in candid moments.

The Pulp Zine

Pulp is kind of like a moody mood-board. It’s filled with short, helpful posts about everything from “Loving Your Labia” to “Astreauxlogy: Shit to Do with Your Hair” (based on your horoscope), and pretty photos filtered with rosy hues or shot intentionally blurry. It’s crafty and cute and very teen angsty. It makes me nostalgic for a time I never even lived.

Carl Wornette

Our newest styling intern is inspired by striking visuals and minerals and almost became a chemist


Since boyhood, fashion has been my one true love. I grew up under the roof of a fashion house. My designer father and boutique-owner mother instilled in me the absolute conviction that I, too, would claim a place in their world. Though my passion for style has never truly wavered, I took tentative steps in other directions. Namely, I studied chemistry at Dalhousie, which I now look back on as such a departure. Thankfully, the decision to move to Toronto this September coincided with rediscovering my love of fashion and styling. And so, here I am: a Wornette.

Current Inspirations

Disturber Magazine

Predictably, my most powerful sources of inspiration are visual. This magazine, which showcases new work from emerging photographers, consistently provides me with these sources. Between the mind-blowing colours, patterns, and textures, Disturber Magazine is something I return to time and time again.

The Mineralogist

My roommate Kelsey is a goldsmith. When she showed me her collection of gemstones and jewels, it was instant love. I wanted more, more, MORE. The Mineralogist is a blog where I spend hours exploring my new-found passion for all that is shiny and sparkly.

A Pair & A Spare

This is a blog that shares lots of DIY fashion and home projects. It is actually very amazing and practical to see how your own hands can make things and how you too can become a “DIY fashionista.” For an aspiring fashion designer/stylist, this blog offers many learning opportunities!

Humans of New York

They say New York is the centre of the world. It’s true. The city is packed full of different people, cultures, and stories. This blog is not about fashionable, trendy people who are simply following the pack; it is about regular people living their daily lives. To me, this is just so much more interesting than the mediocrity of following.

Band of The Day App

This is a cool music app for smartphones. Every day, the app introduces one different band from all around the world. It is always refreshing and nice to hear some unusual and new music styles by different artists around the globe!

One More Week to Be a Wornette!

WORN is looking for a few good interns. Will it be you?


The deadline is fast approaching for applications for our fall/winter internship program. We’re looking for interns for all departments—editorial, graphic design, styling, and publishing. Are you a creative, hard-working individual with a deep love of fashion and unique ideas, different from what you can find in a mainstream fashion mag?

WORN is committed to creating a more inclusive space in fashion publishing, by profiling different subcultures, races, sizes, abilities, and ages. Our internships provide a hands-on experience in all departments, since we’re a fairly small publication. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with our editors, designers, stylists and publisher in a way that you might not be able to at a bigger magazine. Your ideas will be heard, and you’ll never be asked to fetch anyone their lunch. Plus you have the added bonus of being part of the coolest little fashion magazine in Canada.

Applications are due in one week, on September 27th. Follow the link to the application, and come work with us on our spring issue.

Seriously, come.

Be a Wornette!


WORN Fashion Journal is on the hunt for some stellar new interns! We are looking for a few exceptional editorial, photography, graphic design, styling, and publishing interns to begin this fall. If you’re a creative, reliable, hard-working individual with a dedicated passion for learning the ropes, and you like snacks or cats, you may just be the right fit for our downtown office.

Why choose WORN? We are an independent print publication dedicated to offering a unique and inclusive perspective on fashion, with a readership expanding dramatically throughout Canada and internationally. We are increasingly recognized by fashion lovers, vintage hounds, academics, and artists as a truly unique and smart magazine for people who want more fashion and less fluff.

WORN is committed to showing a wide range of beauty, one that includes diversity of culture, subculture, gender identification, sexuality, size, race, ability, and age. We believe that our Wornettes represent this commitment, and highly encourage everyone with an interest in the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion to apply for our internships.

Our intern positions offer valuable opportunities for those interested in fashion and publishing. Because WORN is a small magazine, our interns work alongside our editors, writers, and graphic designers, helping with real tasks (never fetching extra-hot soy lattes) and getting a chance to show their stuff in a creative work environment. Our interns frequently graduate to WORN staff positions, but everyone is a Wornette for life.

(Interested? Click here for applications and more information about available positions.)

Applications are due by the stroke of midnight on September 27, 2013.

Questions? Email