Très Click: What I’ve been Reading About this Week

Pattern Inspiration: Sonia Delaunay and Fashion
Since Sonya Wornette wrote about Sonia Delaunay in issue 4, I’ve been a big fan. This post from Sarah Scaturro (Textile Conservator at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and, ahem, WORN issue 11 contributor) compares some textile patterns that fashion designers this past year have shown with selected objects from our their upcoming exhibition, Color Moves: Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay.

How fashion week is cramping Haute couture’s style
Nathalie Atkinson is one of my favourite Toronto writers because she gives style writing a good name. It’s so refreshing to read smart, thoughtful, and entertaining observations of this business we call fashion.

What Should We Be Doing?
A short report on a panel discussion to share ideas on how to increase production for NYC’s stagnant garment district. This is an event I would have loved to have attended, in a city I would love to be in, at a school I would love to study at. What do you say, Parsons?

Stitch by Stitch and Block by Block
A profile of the Williamsburg Seamster, an honest to goodness door-to-door tailor. This makes me happy. “I don’t really want to contribute to the clutter, I’m more of a problem solver than a designer.”

Made in L.A.
The trailer for the 2009 documentary following three Latina immigrants working in Los Angeles garment sweatshops as they embark on a three-year odyssey to win basic labor protections from a trendy clothing retailer. I’m annoyed slash irritated with myself for not tracking this down yet.

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