Vintage POP

From the fine people who bring us POP Montreal every year comes another project close to our hearts. Vintage POP is a pop-up shop hosting some of the city’s best second-hand clothing curators under one roof. Featuring men’s and women’s clothing, the sale will have an array of amazing pieces spanning the ’20s to the ’90s, plus a selection of vintage housewares and accessories. These girls worked hard to find the most unique pieces, particularly duds that will keep us cozy as the temperatures start to drop.

Where To Go:
OFF Interarts (5145 St. Laurent, in Montreal), between Laurier and Fairmount. The nearest metro is Laurier.

When To Get There:
Wednesday, September 7th from 11-7
Thursday, September 8th from 11-9
Friday, September 9th from 11-9
Saturday, September 10th from 11-7

Participating Vendors:
Young Captive , New Wave Natives, FAD, Hunt Club, Megacat, Cheap Opulence, Caesar Pony, Tarantula Sisters, Homerun, YARD666SALE, YeYe Vintage

You can get a sneak peek by checking out some of the vendors’ websites, but trust us, it’ll look better in person. So get out there and support local businesses by bring all your friends, but only the ones who don’t wear the same dress size as you!

text by Natasha Bigioni
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What I Wore To WORN: Avyn’s Bone Neclace

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing?
The bone necklace is probably my most popular conversation piece. My friend Elizabeth and I found them on a bike ride, picnic, crawfish catching adventure in the countryside by the Thames River. They were easily bleached and sun dried by the sun, then slipped on to a string and voila! You have to wear them for a year or two to give them that nice shimmery shine.

What inspired this outfit?
I wanted to feel the misty rain on my legs.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
The first thing that comes to mind is, for no apparent reason, Catcher in the Rye.

Where did you get all the items in your outfit?
Boots: from the Salvation Army, rain jacket: from Club Monacco, necklace: the ground, ring(s): both are mementos from some of the important people in my life.

photography by Natasha Bigioni

A Photoshoot to WORN your Heart

A few wornettes got a room — excuse me — were given a room by the Gladstone Hotel. While images of champagne, Chingy songs, and bed jumping may come to mind, we assure you it was all business (though we must admit the occasional chuckle escaped at the sight of Peter Wornette’s fantastic shimmying). Keep on the lookout for the final photo in Issue 13.

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Natasha Wornette

Hi. My name is Natasha and I’ll be interning for WORN in the styling and image department. The last few years I worked for an amazing boutique where I was introduced to the Canadian independent fashion scene, the world of blogging, and of course, WORN! After recently graduating and working away in a boring job, I really missed being involved with the fashion community and am excited to be back in the groove. Likes: summertime, cats, wearing white, fresh flowers, vintage bathing suits and Mexican food.

Current inspirations:

An Apple A Day
Lots of inspiring photos on this girl’s blog about vintage wares, flowers, and general loveliness.

The blog from long-time carrier of WORN, Victoire boutique in Ottawa. I used to work there and now can’t stop reading their blog about up and coming Canadian designers, art, music, travel, local events, and cute stuff.

Snail and the Cyclops
This is the personal style blog of Francesca, who also runs several really nice Etsy shops. Droolworthy for anyone who has a thing for vintage party dresses, flea markets, and puppies.

Thank you, Ok
Written right here in Toronto, I love the mix of great personal photos and posts highlighting local shops and events where I live. It’s always nice to read some local content and remind yourself that where we live is pretty darn cool.

Clever Nettle
This is a fashion blog by a cute girl in Portland. She sells vintage, likes stripes… I am so predictable!