“I’m Going To Make You An Outfit You Can’t Refuse.”

Some might call the fashion of mob wives tacky, flashy, or nouveau riche. They would be mostly right. These guys and dolls got rich, like, yesterday, and it’s clearly evidenced in their choice of clothing. It’s usually all furs, sequins, animal prints, acrylic nails, big jewelry and even bigger hair. If you’re looking for sartorial subtlety, you’re in the wrong genre.

When I was making this supercut, I was especially impressed by The Godfather Part III. Widely regarded as the worst movie in the series, and maybe one of the worst movies ever, this cinematic mess had my favorite outfits. In her velvet blazers, Diane Keaton is essentially Annie Hall (if Annie Hall was married to a terrifying mobster). Talia Shire is a vision of Sicilian elegance in head to toe black, practically swaddled in gold jewelry.

Other favorites include everything worn by Sharon Stone in Casino, Drea de Matteo choosing her wedding dress, and Michelle Pfeiffer’s epic bitchface. All of these goomahs, molls, and wives featured are dressed to reflect the wealth and status of their beloved mobsters. As Henry Hill might say: “Fuck you, dress me.”

text by Daniel Reis