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Maryann Harris

Maryann Harris of Ottawa

Mention the word Ottawa, and a few things always come to mind: Parliament Hill, Alanis Morissette, trophy wife Marlen Cowpland. “Clothing capital” isn’t usually near the top of the list. While the vintage clothing scene in Ottawa is smaller than it’s counterparts in cities like Toronto, it’s been steadily growing the past few years, thankyouverymuch. A good part of this is due to vintage aficionados, including Maryann Harris of Reclectica.

On Sunday, March 1st, Maryann temporarily transformed her mother’s home into a makeshift clothing shop –- racks of fifties party dresses filled the living room, bedrooms became communal dressing rooms, with beaded clutches and brightly coloured fedoras displayed on the back porch. This was the second time in recent months that Harris had such a sale (the last one occurred in January during the Ottawa bus strike, so this one took place for the people who couldn’t make it the first time). Maryann used to have a booth in Ottawa’s Antique Market, but is now mostly only involved in shows, like The Capital Clothing Show.
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