Fashion in Film Festival

Dedicated followers of the WORN blog know that we do not allow many art forms to escape our rigorous sartorial analysis, and film is no exception – in fact, it may be our preferred medium. So just imagine our excitement when we heard about the Fashion in Film Festival! An entire weekend where people discuss Michael Caine’s suits in Get Carter and William Klein’s sheet metal dresses in Qui Êtes-Vous, Polly Maggoo? Our hearts were a-twitter.

Marketa Uhlirova is the co-founder, director, and curator of FFF. She also lectures in fashion history and cultural studies at Central Saint Martins College in London, among other prestigious pursuits. But FFF didn’t start off as a festival; it began as a single presentation in 2006 in London and New York.

“It became apparent that there was no platform –at least no lively exhibition platform – where fashion and costume in film were studied with some sort of regularity or system,” said Marketa. “In our area, there was nowhere to provoke questions or a debate, apart from the odd conference.” The presentation, entitled “Between Stigma and Enigma,” grew into the bi-annual festival simply because, as Marketa says, they had amassed too much great material not to.

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