In the Realms of the Unreal: Dressing up at Anime North

Established in 1997, Anime North is the largest fan-run anime convention held in Canada, with the number of attendees increasing every year. Anime fanatics from across North America gather in Toronto for three days to meet each other, meet their idols, buy collectables, and most importantly, dress up.

Though not everybody comes in costume, and it is certainly not a requirement, cosplayers get a lot of kudos and credit for their outfits, especially if they’re homemade.

Why do these costumes play such an important role in these anime conventions? We ventured into the unknown waters of the wonderfully nerdy fandom, and took some pictures along the way.
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Bat for Lashes

Anybody who ever stole their aunt’s lipstick to play dress-up as a kid can understand the sheer joy of donning ridiculously excessive amounts of makeup just for the hell of it. Avyn Wornette visited a promo event last winter that resulted in this Manga-inspired makeover. She says: “The feathery black lashes really tickled my fancy. And my cheeks.” We say: she looks pretty darn cute.

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