Très Click: Snozzberries and Zou Bisou Bisou

Field Notes on Fashion and Occupy (Part One)
Who says the fashion police don’t exist? (I’m sorry, I had to.) During the Occupy movement, protesters were targeted for what they wore. In moments of clash, clothing becomes political and as The New Inquiry puts it, “Fashion is endowed with the potential to inform a political reality.”

Podcast: Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant on CBC Radio’s Q
Hanging corpses and Zou Bisou Bisou may have been the highlights of season five but seriously, can we talk about Trudy’s nightgowns and Sally’s gogo boots? Janie Bryant sits with radio host Jian Ghomeshi to talk Mad Men’s character style evolution. Heads up, those pretending to be hard at work—the link takes you directly to the podcast. Fast forward to 39:40.

Swimwear as a Fashion Over the Decades
Hey! You look kind of cute, in that polka dot bikini, girl. And in that one-piece. And that bathing gown. In any kind of swimwear really.

What Fashion’s “Ethnic” Prints Are Really Called
Ever come across an intriguing print you wanted to know more about, only to see it frustratingly labelled as “tribal”? Stop sweating. Refinery 29 breaks it down for you in this smart glossary.

Part of this world, part of another
Gene Wilder’s got more taste than a snozzberry. Letters of Note unearthed his correspondence to director Mel Stuart in which he recommends specific sartorial ideas for Willy Wonka’s wardrobe, from the hat “two inches shorter would make it more special” to the pants “slime green trousers are icky.”

Crushing on Emi and Pygmy Hippo

If Jayne Mansfield and Shirley Temple had a lovechild, it would be Emi. Born in East Hollywood, this whimsical, first-name-only gal was raised by her single mother who taught her that creativity has no limits. When she’s not busy making her own clothes, Emi can be found with a big bow in her hair behind the counter of her cute novelty gift shop, Pygmy Hippo. She talked to WORN about beetle jewelry, her astroturf obsession, and sharing clothes with her best friend.

How did you dress in high school? How has your style changed?
I just wore what I liked and dressed to suit my moods, but I didn’t really learn to sew until I was 17, so I was just stapling and glue-gunning all kinds of shit together. Back then I had dreadlocks (it was the ’90s, okay?) that I’d dye a different colour of the rainbow every month and I had these insane 8” tall stacked sneakers that had fake Adidas stripes on the sides, which I’d paint with nail polish to match my hair colour! I feel like I was a lot more adventurous when I was a teen. I used to wear my grandma’s hospital gowns backwards with huge baby diaper safety pins to keep it shut down the front! I was also really into astroturf and covered everything from shoes to bags in it, and when I finally learned to sew, I made an astroturf bustier with a gingham tablecloth skirt that I was really proud of. I still have it in my closet!

You’re a good friend of Marie (AKA Agent Lover) who we also have a mega crush on. Do you ever swap clothes with her? Or even coordinate outfits?
RieRie’s my #1 boo! We definitely go over our outfits when we have an event we’re both going to, especially when there is a theme involved (love a theme!), but we haven’t coordinated our outfits to match like the Doublemint Twins or anything…YET. Luckily, we’re pretty much the same size so we can borrow each other’s clothes when we want and we also share custody of a lot of our shoes. Something I love that Marie started doing is buying little accessories in duplicate! If there is something I’m really crazy about, I can guarantee Marie will love it too and vice versa, so we’ll just buy two of whatever item we’re fawning over. I know this seems weird, but I promise it’s not—it totally works for us!

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Mai Wornette

By day, I’m a production editor who hustles people to meet deadlines. By night, I’m a freelance writer who muses mostly on feminist-y issues for various websites and magazines (shout-out to Shameless!). Before that, I took journalism at Ryerson University where I made up one half of the editors at the campus’s feminist magazine, McClung’s, which called for a diet of jelly beans and bad instant coffee.

Some of my greatest hits in fashion were when I was a kid. I rocked a pretty sweet romper that had a dizzying pattern of alphabet letters. I also donned some dangerously wide red bellbottoms that I paired with a matching nautical vest. Hot or what? Presently, most of my fashion cues come from the streets. In the web world, I’m particularly influenced by street style blogs, especially LookBook and Street Peeper. In the real world, I get inspired by staring at regular people’s attire behind my big dark sunglasses (I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds).

I am overjoyed to be working for WORN in the editorial department because I believe in its core message that fashion shouldn’t be disposable.

Current Inspirations
I was but a mere fetus when Sassy launched, but I always felt like I missed out on a revolutionary time for teens. Luckily, the defunct magazine lives on in the web, sort of. It features real, hilarious, and intelligent female writers (and a couple of boys, too) who candidly talk about everything from nail polish to sleeping with Terry Richardson.

Olaf Hajek
He’s a world-renowned illustrator from Berlin who happens to be incredibly handsome. I have one of his Flowerhead fashion paintings hanging on my wall. You can get lost in his paintings for hours; they are bizarrely gorgeous.

I don’t know about you but when I hear words like green, sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, and organic, it sparks feelings of ooey-gooey goodness on the inside. Fuse those words with fashion, food, and culture and you get a guilt-free way to indulge in life while caring for the environment.

SF Girl By Bay
When I moved into my new apartment a month ago, this San Francisco girl was my ultimate décor mentor. Take that, Debbie Travis! She regularly posts stunning shots of stylish interiors. This post is the best of the bunch.

My Mom Is A Fob
Maybe it’s because my mom lives far away so I don’t get to see her often, but I turn to this blog a lot to remind myself of her cuteness. It is totally jokes!

photography by Brittany Lucas