In my capacity as WORN’s Official Musician, I was invited by a reporter to compile the imaginary “WORN Fashion Journal Original Soundtrack Album.” Although excerpts of it may have appeared in Humber College’s newspaper, I thought that my full list might be of some interest to our blog readers.

The WORN soundtrack is a combination of songs that are popular at our events, popular in the office, or featured in the magazine. Ideally, dialogue from WORN appears between tracks (a la Pulp Fiction, and other 90s soundtracks).

Track Listing below!
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Coco’s Blog: Immaculate Complexion

Madonna and Jesus Luz in W Magazine’s editorial Blame it on Rio, photographed by Steven Klein

You’re not getting any younger. It might be important to add that, in fact, you’re only ever going to get older. So if that’s true — and if that’s true for everyone — why is it such a struggle? My sister, ten years my senior, once told me that eventually, everyone has The Year. It’s the year you realize you’re aging; you actually see it in the mirror. For some people it comes earlier, for some later, but it happens. Last year it happened to me.

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