Living in Print

Behind the scenes of issue 16's prettily patterned photoshoot

When we first moved into our new office in the historic George Brown House in Toronto, we liked to pretend that we had stumbled onto the set of Downton Abbey. Almost every detail of this 1876 home was lovingly captured in our issue 16 photoshoot, ”Living in Print.”

Wornette Chayonika Chandra puts the power in power clashing as she blends into and boldly contrasts the walls (and floor) of our new home.

video and text // Daniel Reis
end animation // Barry Potter
photography // Lisa Kannakko
art direction // Serah-Marie McMahon and G. Stegelmann
styling // Lydia Chan and Kaya-Marisa Meadows

Lydia Wornette

Our new stylist intern talks frilly, girly details and the pizzazz of Diana Vreeland

Sometimes I like to imagine myself as the most interesting person you could ever meet, but usually I’m just your ordinary girl who’s found herself deeply seduced by the glamour and mystery of fashion. While so many people find solace and comfort in black, I regularly dress as if I’ve exploded out of a children’s cartoon. I believe that more is more: colours, prints, and heavy texturing. Load on the accessories and layer the clothes. The louder, the better. Why bother making a statement if no one can hear it, let alone feel the impact?

Personal style provides a fluidity that factual information never can. What I wear says much more about me than what I study or where I work. You can know me before I even open my mouth. The way I dress embodies my mood, my identity, and my aspirations. It’s how I express myself to the world. The meaning of dress, and the creation of beauty through what people wear, is the all-consuming focus of my thoughts.

That’s it. That’s Lydia, the new styling intern at WORN.

Current Inspirations

Diana Vreeland
I absolutely adore her personality and what she stands for. Her work at Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and The Costume Institute in the Metropolitan Museum of Art is inspirational. Her pizzazz is legendary and her point of view is so unique and distinct. Her creation of fantasy and her constant drive for the unexpected is motivational.

Susie Lau
She has a quirky cartoonish style filled with frilly, girly details and an intelligent point of view to boot. What’s there not to love?

Katie Grand
The magazines that she started (Pop, AnOther and Love) are thick, juicy, and always filled with the most interesting editorial photos. Her distinct point of view is so undeniably original. I love her amalgamation of playfulness with tailoring and luxury.

TrendLand’s Editorial Page
The dirty dirty truth is that a lot of the time I look through fashion magazines just to see the editorial photos. (Except when I’m reading WORN, of course). TrendLand saves me the trouble of flipping through dozens of glossies by posting all the amazing editorial photos right online, with descriptions of models and stylists.

photography // Laura Tuttle