Buy a 1930s dress, help an elderly cat

A couple of years ago, I brought home a cat. It didn’t take long for me to see that, despite the fact he was a very nice cat, I was not at all a Cat Person.

Our relationship was riddled with misunderstandings on both sides: he could not understand why, at three in the morning, my chest was not meant to be a launching pad to the window, and I could not understand why his number one mandate was to shed hair 24 hours a day (often – perplexingly – on surfaces he could not possibly reach). We continued to live together but, if someone asked, I’d say we weren’t that close. And then he ate a yard – yes, three full feet – of taffeta elastic (who knew that wouldn’t be a good idea?). My sister rushed us to the very expensive middle-of-the-night vet and I handed over my credit card without a second thought.

So when we got this email from a reader we decided to post it. Because when you love a cat, you really really love it.

Hello, WORN -
I am a low income senior with some items I would like to sell. I do not want to do this through the various vintage shops because they cannot afford to pay much. They are trying to run a business. I understand that, but I need money for vet bills for my elderly cat. Do you accept classified ads from individuals?

I have a couple of dresses from the 1930′s which belonged to my mother, and some jewellery – once it is gone, that’s it for that source of income for me. The bias-cut, silk velvet slinky evening gown, dark brown, size 9-ish, and a couple of interesting pins are the best buys.

I have no clue how to sell things on the internet: it is a miracle I can send an email.

Thanks, Cate []

Please note – As a general rule, we do not post classified ads. THIS IS STRICTLY A ONE-TIME THING.