5 Things to Read Instead of Paying Attention in Class

Alexander McQueen, fashion advice for kids, and 11 really weird beauty tips

Words for Kids who Love Fashion on Final Fashion
While much of this amazing advice is targeted at children, it’s never too late to take note. Danielle Meder offers atypical suggestions like ‘develop cultural literacy,’ when the most prevalent advice being given to kids who want to start a career in fashion is to start a blog.

How to Be Handsome: 11 Really Terrible 19th Century Beauty Tips
Prime yourself for history class with some of the head-scratchingly bizarre beauty routines of our ancestors. If you thought heated eyelash curlers were weird, you’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg.

FATshion on XOJane.com
I am just finishing up my personal summer reading list with Two Whole Cakes by Lesley Kinzel, who also happens to write FATshion, the most on-point and hilarious fashion commentary to be found anywhere on the web.

Ryerson appoints first Designer-in Residence
Fashion and academia are relatively recent bedfellows, and Ryerson University in Toronto is blazing the trail by appointing the first ever Designer-in-Residence. What else could you expect from the only University in Canada that offers a Fashion Communications program?

The Nature of Alexander McQueen: the aesthetics of fashion design as a site of environmental change

If the title sounds really wordy and academic, that’s probably because it is. I wrote my undergraduate thesis last Spring about the significance of art to the environmental movement, and explored the significance of Alexander McQueen’s designs as examples of art. This link ties the two together into a smart and useful package: get your furrowed brow ready.

illustration // Andrea Manica

Très Click: Stripes and Star Wars Edition

Stylikeu: Ilona Royce Smithkin’s Closet
You probably already know all about Stylelikeu and their amazing voyeuristic peeks into the closets of various stylish personalities. This interview with artist Ilona Royce Smithkin came out last year, but I’ve recently revisited it for some colourful spring inspiration.

U.S. Lawmaker Wears Hoodie on House Floor in Protest over Shooting
Following the spirit of last week’s Million Hoodie March (showing solidarity with Trayvon Martin, the African American teenager who was unjustly murdered), Bobby Rush wore a hoodie in the House of Representatives to protest racial profiling. While using clothing as a means of protesting oppression isn’t new, these recent demonstrations have been especially powerful—particularly when contrasted with some pretty gross victim blaming that’s taken place.

Do This Don’t: Be A Fatty in Horizontal Stripes
Over at Xo Jane, the kickass Lesley Kinzel gives a middle finger to style rules that build themselves around fat-shaming. As she puts it, “I don’t want to suggest you can counteract some rules by the application of other rules. I’m rather suggesting that we consider not giving a crap.” Amen.

Uniform Project: Florists
This instalment in the Toronto Standard’s series on clothing worn by various professionals around the city is all flower power. If this doesn’t get you excited about the upcoming April showers (and subsequent May flowers), I don’t know what will. To quote The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” (Er, without the sarcasm).

Star Wars Characters in High Fashion
Buzzfeed compiled this list of prints from Etsy artist John Woo. Once again, Chewbacca proves that he is the best.

text by Anna Fitzpatrick
photo via Stylelikeu