Sydney Wornette

I have lived all my life in Montreal, from nursery school to my inevitable enrollment in 2009 at McGill University. Growing up in this city, surrounded by well-dressed people, putting on clothes was always more than just something I had to do. While Montreal is a great place to shop, my family always found ourselves buying clothes when we were on vacation. It was very important for my mother, and then for me, that the clothes I wore were unique and that I would be the only person in my school with that particular top. Today when I get dressed I find it thrilling when I can put together an outfit that I think might make me stand out from the crowd in some way, whether it be a great pair of boots or a bright red wool coat with blue fur trim. When I’m not getting dressed or checking myself out in tinted windows I like to study music history, watch too much TV, go biking, and read WORN Fashion Journal.

Current Inspirations

This is a blog that collects clickable images from online fashion stores and other blogs. Click on as many as you want and spend the whole week procrastinating.

And the Pursuit of Happiness
Maira Kalman’s blog for the New York Times, this blog is a series of 12 posts, one for each month of 2009, which explores American democracy with humour and beautiful drawings.

Leacock’s campuSPOT
The Sartorialist for McGill students, this section of McGill’s online arts publication posts images of well-dressed students on campus.

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Bike Snob NYC
Bike Snob NYC is a blog that mocks all parts of the cycling world, from fashion to attitude. If you are a cyclist, this blog might make you proud or embarrassed or both, and it will definitely make you laugh.

photography by Arden Wray