Got A Laundry Quandary?

Our magnetic guide to proper clothing care is now available on Etsy

Are you desperate to decipher the cryptic codes found on your clothing tags? Does your head feel like it’s being submerged in a soapy lather every time you try to make sense of a symbol? You’ve got a Laundry Quandary, and WORN is here to save the day (and that dress).

WORN Fashion Journal presents Laundry Quandary, the magnets designed to smooth the wrinkles from your brow (and your blouses) with our simple guide to all the symbols found on clothing tags. Attach our handy magnet to your washing machine or fridge and consult any time you’re confused about correct clothing care. Know your tumble from a drip, wring from a hang, hot from cold, or any combination your clothes require.

For a limited time only, you can purchase Laundry Quandary magnets only on the WORN Etsy shop as part of our special Spring Cleaning Sale. Get any two back issues of WORN and a magnet for only $15. All stocked up on copies of WORN? Use the discount code SPRINGCLEAN to receive 15% off a magnet.

photography // Claire Ward-Beveridge