Crushing on Kim Hutt

Fashion blogger Kim Hutt blends her sharp wit with the sartorial seeds planted in young readers when their wee hands first flipped the pages of The Baby-Sitters Club. What Claudia Wore features the most fashion-forward moments from the series, with the highest praise going to Claudia, and gives us good reason to dust off that bookshelf and get nostalgic.

How did you first conceive of the idea for What Claudia Wore?

I began re-collecting the books when I was living in Wappingers Falls, New York in 2006. I was just down the road from both a Goodwill and a Salvation Army, and they would get huge lots of BSC books. It was a fun little nostalgia trip during a stressful time in my life, and I couldn’t help laughing at how incredibly fascinated I was by the outfit descriptions. 23 years old and just as absorbed by BSC fashion as I was at age eight.

At the beginning, I was just planning on cataloguing each of Claudia’s outfits; there was little to no commentary. Then I started adding a snarky line or two after each description. It kind of snowballed from there.

What have you learnt about yourself from re-reading old Baby-Sitters Club books?
That I needed to get out more! I mean, I’ve always been a re-reader . . . but seriously, I remember this stuff way too well. The other day I was mentally composing a blog entry, and I made a joke about “stupid Andrew Brewer saying ‘hi-hi’.” And then I stopped and corrected myself – “No, saying hi-hi was Jamie Newton’s thing.” It was a frightening moment. This is the stuff I’m dedicating brainpower to. Okay.

Is fashion something you take seriously? Are you looking at The Baby-Sitters Club ironically?

I think that depends on what one considers taking it seriously. I rarely – if ever – keep up with current runway trends, I don’t buy fashion magazines, and I only follow a handful of style bloggers. With that said, are fashion and personal presentation important to me? Yes, very.

I do mock the babysitters quite a bit. Honestly, I’m much more affectionate toward the characters and the series than I let on. Snark aside, I think there’s somewhat of a sense of celebration in this project. I mean, I was seriously emotionally invested in Stoneybrook, long after I’d outgrown the books on an intellectual level. I hope some of that comes through in the blog, even when I’m threatening to throw away every single pair of sneakers Kristy owns.
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