Vodka: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

My absolute favorite shirt is, to put it lightly, delicate. It’s paper-thin silk, hand painted leopard print, with tiny glass buttons. Sometimes I feel like a particularly strong wind could rip a hole through it. “Dry clean only” is not a suggestion—it’s a command.

But what is it with that dry cleaning smell? When my shirt comes back, it brings with it a weird, salty, chemical odor that lingers for days. I couldn’t figure out what to do to get rid of it, so, duh, I Googled “how to get weird dry cleaning smell out of silk.”

The answer was in my freezer. One part vodka, one part water, mixed in a spray bottle: give the item a little spritz, let it hang, and voila! The vodka is a natural deodorizer and neutralizes all those weird chemical smells.

Now go put on your favourite shirt and make yourself a vodka soda.

text by Haley Mlotek
photography by Katie Merchant

What I Wore to WORN: Six French Schoolgirls and a Bad, Bad Hat!

What inspired this outfit?
I really wanted to wear this felt hat that my best friend Lindsay (you may know her from this) gave me. I had also been wearing this crop top that I got from my friend June for about a week straight. A mathematical equation of the outfit might read: hat + crop top x layers to prevent frozen limbs = lazy monday outfit I ended up really liking.

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing.
You can’t see it in the photos, but I’m wearing one of my favourite new watches. I bought them in an antique mall in Queensville recently for $6, and they came with a tiny orange Timex case too!

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
Katie Wornette said (in a loving way, I’m sure) that I looked like a French Hipster in this look, so maybe something by a French author. A Woman’s Story and Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux are beautiful, short reads that I feel might lend themselves to this look.

What style icon would wear this outfit?
Seeing as my day began by chasing my hat across Dundas street—after it narrowly escaped being crushed by a truck, but before the entire Junction 40 bus chuckled under their breath—I would have to say Madeline. Her rendition of this song seems particularly suited to my look. My roommate and fellow Wornette, Max, did say that the look came off as inspired by Six from Blossom though, which I can totally see.

Shopping Credits: Shirt from Value Village, Shorts from Tribal Rhythm, Boots from Silver Falls Vintage, Necklace from Robber.

photography by Katie Merchant

Katie Wornette

I graduated with an English and Cultural Studies degree from McMaster a few years ago and then took off to South Korea to teach English. There, I started the blog thank you, ok to share all of the amazing stuff I found in Seoul (like the cafes, the zines, and the stationery). I’ve lived in Toronto for about a year now and love exploring the city. My other likes include taking pictures, over-sized sweaters, Robyn, warm salads, and nail polish. I’m pretty much obsessed with magazines, so I’m overjoyed to be WORN’s publishing intern.

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