Book Review: Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Kate Moss. Kate Moss. KATE. MOSS.

When I first considered how to review this book, I toyed with the idea of just repeating her name. She is, after all, its recurring motif — and really, when it comes to Kate, what else is there to say?

Kate Moss by Mario Testino (iconic supermodel and renowned fashion photographer respectively) in all its shiny, plastic enormousness is a very basic volume. Its only text appears in two brief interview-based essays where each describes their relationship with the other. While there is clearly a great deal of respect between them and they are complimentary and kind, neither one is terribly fascinating — nor need they be, since this publication is all about the pictures.

Printed on extra-heavy stock and devoid as it is of both text and pagination, the book feels extraordinarily like an oversized children’s volume. Being a die-hard Kate Moss devotee, I was as delighted as any oversized child could be. It was nice to see familiar images in print and up close. But there were many I’d never seen before, too (which, if you know me, is saying something). I was especially pleased to see candid shots of Moss, including a few with her daughter Lila, of whom she is understandably protective.

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