Claire Wornette

Our new photography intern talks Jesus Christ and the family cat

My parents are definitely to blame when it comes to my interest in photography. They taught me almost everything that I now know, and they still continue to impress me on a constant basis with the images they post on Facebook of my little brother and our family cat. I should actually add personal style to that list—my dad recently popped on a slideshow consisting of family photos from the early ’80s up until the mid ’90s and I could not believe how amazingly cool my mom, dad, and aunt all dressed. I think I gave them a hard time afterwards for not keeping every sweatshirt and pair of jeans carefully preserved for me to someday wear.

current inspirations

22 Tracks
22 Tracks is a really great music site consisting of 22 playlists of different genres, each regularly being curated and updated by different DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, London, and Paris. Great to pop on during a house party, or more often in my case, drinking lots of wine at home in front of my computer.

Hyers & Mebane
New York-based photographers Martin Hyers and William Mebane take amazingly gorgeous, rich photographs of mostly non-human things. They went on a series of trips throughout the US and took photos of the insides and objects of peoples’ houses—incredible project I cannot stop staring at.

Everything Is Terrible
A website dedicated to found videos covering a wide range of topics & themes such as: ‘animals’, ‘cats’, ‘exercise’, ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘instructional videos’ and more. Literally thousands of hours of wild, hilarious and scary entertainment.

Dazed Digital Photography
A fun magazine in and of itself, I mainly visit their website for their photography section, which profiles new and emerging photographers with little interviews, galleries, and links to their personal websites and portfolios.

photography // Laura Tuttle