Miriam Wornette

I have recently graduated from OCAD with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I am also greatly interested in photography. I joined the WORN design team was because it is a different sort of journal, one that I had never come across before. A lot of my inspiration comes from international sources: magazines, blogs, TV shows, etc. For my personal fashion inspiration, I enjoy looking through UK magazines or reading Swedish blogs. Or I look back at old photos of my parents and create styles through their ’70s and ’80s fashion.

My favourite artists are Goya and Aubrey Beardsley. I love re-watching Rambo and Rocky. My diet includes Reese’s chocolate and cream cheese bagels. I enjoy reading, boxing, and just recently took up tap dancing! Gene Kelly has been my inspiration since I was five years old, and I finally got a chance to try it.

Current Inspirations:

Typography, logos, editorial. So amazing you just want to sit at your computer and cry.

#1: It’s Canadian. #2: Who knew someone could make typography so exciting that you want to stare at it all day?

One day I will move to Argentina and meet this amazing team of designers. Type and editorial, drooling in front of the screen sort of work.

Wolves & Bucks
Tony (Buck) and Adeline (Wolf) live in France, and document their daily lives and fashion.

Keiko Lynn
After looking through her blog of daily outfits, you just want to become best friends and go shopping together.

photography by Jessica da Silva

Sofie Wornette

My name is Sofia, but I prefer Sofie. My hair isn’t naturally red, but I’m naturally awesome. I’m currently a first year journalism student at Ryerson University, which means that I spend most of my waking hours writing, thinking about writing, or reading the CP Style Guide. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I was born to write. My interest in fashion developed in seventh or eighth grade, when I had the desire to stand out from the crowd but lacked the confidence to actually do so.

Throughout the course of my high school career, I constantly came close to trying new things with my wardrobe, but I could never make it out the door. Such is the life of a sullen teenager. Towards the end of high school, I gave up caring about what people thought and started dressing for myself.

I’m here at WORN hoping to get more journalism experience and to learn more about fashion in history and as it relates to other people.

Current Inspirations:

Tokyo Fashion
Japenese style and subcultures are probably one of my favourite things to look at on the Internet. It’s so interesting and colourful, and a lot of the time, very unexpected. When I go through these photos, I really appreciate the close-up detail photos of various parts of the outfits, because I’ve noticed that a lot of the time with Japanese and Tokyo street style, it’s a lot of more beneficial to notice the little things that make the outfit cool and unique rather than just the entire look as a whole.

Yuki Matsueda
This artists does sort of pop-art inspired work, and since I’m weirdly obsessed with Andy Warhol and pop art, his work is really something I’d like to look at. It literally pops out at you, in an in-your-face kind of look at the regular things we see in day-to-day life.

Wowee Zonk
This zine is super crazy and intense; a funky comic anthology made from Toronto. I’ve always been a fan of Ginette LaPalme’s work, and this is just another cool art collaboration she’s been working on. I do love doodles!

Pigeons & Peacocks
Browsing through the magazine section at Indigo, I randomly came across this epic find. This is a magazine made by students at the London College of Fashion which has amazing photo shoots and a great take on fashion, showing what is hip, but in a way that is deliberately not.

Rookie Mag
Perfect. Amazing. OHMYGAWD. That is probably the only way I will be able to describe Rookie Mag at all for the rest of my life. Honestly.

photography by Jessica da Silva

Paulina Wornette

It began on the first day of kindergarten. The night before, my mother dressed me up in a vintage, red velvet, peter pan collared dress and rag curled my hair. The next day at school everyone made fun of me for looking like Sara Crewe rather than your average mid-’90s child and I cried and cried. Though for many years after that day I wanted nothing more than to blend in (and my five-year-old self would promise you life was better that way), already somewhere in the midst of my subconscious there grew a need to dress as I felt rather than as I was told I ought to. By Grade 8 I was influenced by almost everything I watched or read, and would modestly attempt to reincarnate them into my school wear: Monday I would be Wednesday Addams, Tuesday I would be Anne of Green Gables, Wednesday I’d be Clarissa Explains it All, and so on. Honestly, things haven’t changed very much since then, aside from the fact that now I am simply aware and happy to celebrate the notion of dressing according to feeling and individual influence.

These days, I like to pretend I am a Romanaov sister, or a ’20s flapper girl, or Delirium from the Sandman series, mixed in with a bit of Stevie Nicks. Sometimes, when the world calls me to snap out of my dreamland, I go to the University of Toronto to study English. But even there, often I cannot help but wonder what coloured tights Shakespeare wore when he wrote a particular play. I think that’s part of the reason I find myself at WORN, and I am very excited about being a new intern here. With all that being said… Hello.

Current Inspirations:

Fashion Forestry
I harbour a thing for redheads, especially ones who wear magnificent vintage patterns and head pieces. Nicole from Fashion Forestry always supplies that just perfectly.

The Tsar’s Cabinet
An exhibition that is currently running at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, showcasing photographs and objects unravelling the romantic luxury of the Romanov family.

Forest Graves
Magical inspiration that takes you back to the interwar period and makes you want to wear silky ’20s lingerie all the time.

Mourir Auprès de Toi

A little stop-motion film by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn that plays with the wonderful embroidery clutches that Olympia Le-Tan has been making recently.

Hopeless Dreamchaser
A sweet, whimsical blog by Anni from Finland, that not only offers a glimpse into her precious wardrobe but she also tells lovely poetic stories.

photography by Jessica Da Silva & Samantha Walton

Jenny Wornette

It’s my first day in the office and I realized that today is my worniversary. Four years ago today I dragged a group of drunken kids from residence with me to attend the launch party of Issue 5 in Montreal. They ditched me soon after for a club, but I stayed, and marveled at the pages in front of me. My worniversary is pretty fitting, considering that my main job here as a publishing intern will be to get the word out about the magazine, so that more fashion lovers around the world will get that same tingly feeling I had when I realized that this kind of magazine exists.

I have recently graduated from the creative writing program at Concordia University in Montreal and am back in Toronto now, rediscovering the city I grew up in. In my free time I like to scour second hand shops for vintage dresses, old school barware, and records. I’m trying really hard to replace my television streaming habit with reading the books our editor has recommended.

Current Inspirations:

Elsa Billgren
I love this unique Swedish blogger’s style—most notably her rotation of vintage gingham dresses, stunning photos, and use of colour.

All This Happiness
Kater is a Toronto blogger with an antique look, a thoughtful writing style, and an adorably bookish personality.

Awkward Girlhood Style
My biggest fashion regret is that I didn’t experiment with my style at all when I was a teenager. (If I could go back in time I’d like to get back the money I spent at Aritzia.) I love Allison’s article where she describes her awkward girlhood and use of style as a “revolving door of identity.”

Here’s Looking at Me Kid
I get so lazy when it comes to interior design, but Amanda’s vintage home has inspired me to do something with my place… one of these days.

Martin Reich’s Films for Citizen Vintage
Citizen Vintage puts out innovative photos and videos to promote their shop. You can spot me in one inspired by the teen angst oeuvre The Craft.

photography by Jessica da Silva