Jennifer Wornette

My youth was spent in suburbia where I grappled for straight A’s and wrote sappy lyrics for music-less songs. Eventually I left the comfort of my parents’ house and my rock star dreams for Guelph, Ontario, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science in English, Psychology and Political Science. Later I moved to Toronto and immediately took enjoyment in the vast and eclectic array of arts-related opportunities and events; there is a seemingly endless cascade of ideas. I spend a lot of my time poking around thrift, consignment, and rare goods shops. The social and cultural history behind anything from clothing to magazines to bathroom décor is incredibly intriguing. And trifling but true, the act of getting dressed is one of my dearest pastimes. With much delight, I now find myself at WORN as Director of Events where I can put some of this affection to work.

Current Inspirations

So Vintage Patterns
Essentially, this is a giant, well-organized catalogue of vintage patterns to tempt you, your wallet, and your sewing machine.

ill seen, ill said
This blog comes out of Toronto and is written by Jane Flanagan. It features posts on artists, designer collections, beautiful photography, and other such treats for the mind and eye.

This website showcases people wearing cool things, and then links to their blogs, Etsy stores, etc. It provides good visual fun for browsing, but is also a bank of other fashion resources.
Yes, I am directing you to a television website. Here is the thing; FORA is a collection of videos featuring passionate people discussing their ideas. The ‘Culture’ section is my favourite.

Miranda July
One of my favourite multi-media artists and her website showcases all of the reasons why.