Jane Pratt is Aware of Our Existence

We had an inkling that Ms. Sassy herself might have already been familiar with WORN — fact: an image of our second issue showed up in a Montreal shopping guide in an old issue of Jane (ten points to any reader who can track it down and send us a scan). However, that didn’t stop us from freaking out when we realized she picked our very own Editor-in-Pants Serah-Marie as one of her style picks for Say Media’s 100 influential voices. She describes WORN as “where fashion and feminism kiss and make up” — and we’re in good company, seeing as other picks include WORN Crush Laia Garcia, and past contributors Tavi Gevinson and Garance Dore.

Book Review: Beyond Beauty

Three years after the demise of trailblazing 90s teen magazine Sassy, founding editor Jane Pratt published a book dedicated to exploring the role that beauty plays among teenage girls. Following the Sassy ethos, Beyond Beauty sets out to represent a vast range of modern teenagers (or rather, what was modern in 1997), interviewing 25 girls from different nationalities and backgrounds. Pratt does what she does best in giving a voice to young women. She presents each girl’s perspective without judgement, letting them tell their own stories.
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