Crushing on Jacqueline Bos

Jacqueline Bos‘s illustrations are a mishmash of prints, doodles, colours, and inky patterns. The resulting images are eclectic, vibrant and totally one of a kind. A regular Worn contributor, Jacqueline illustrated the haikus in our most recent Shoe issue (which were mistakenly credited as being done by a different editor — our sincerest apologies, Jacqueline!). Interview by Anna Fitz.

Where did your interest in art begin?
I’ve been drawing and making things for as long as I can remember; I always liked having pens and sharp pencils around growing up.

What are your favourite things to draw?
Imaginary lands, myths or mini stories, patterns, and silly animals. I am really drawn to things that have a fairy tale quality to them, but I think you can bring a whimsical nature into many different situations.

Your fashion illustrations are quite unconventional — a collage of cut-out pictures and your own illustrations. Can you describe your creative process a bit? Do you tend to do the drawings first or work around the images you find?
Those were created extra special just for Worn — fun, huh? For those, since they are primarily collage, I started with all the textures, and pieced together a figure type form, and then went from there, though usually I let them build a bit more organically, switching back and forth between paper and ink. I love being able to pull textures and patterns to create the fashion illustrations, though when I work with a particular designer or line, I like to work primarily with drawing and just use collage to add a little drama to them.
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