It’s All About Numbers at the Winter Formal Slowdance

We had hoped for 100 people.
Over 200 passed through the door before the night was over.

Most people planned to stay for 1 hour, you know, just to make an appearance.
At least 70% stayed for 5 or more.

The organizers planned for 5 sets of slow dance ballads.
They had to add 2 because no one wanted to stop dancing.

We filled 7 racks with coats.

Everyone showed up wearing 2 shoes.
A whole lot of us ended up wearing 0.

I danced with at least 6 strangers.
I developed 2 inappropriate crushes.
My skirts had 5 layers.
I am singlehandedly responsible for getting my best friend Rachel into 1 red taffeta dress with 0 straps.
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