Crushing on Arden Wray

Arden Wray lives in Toronto and just graduated from the photography program at Concordia University in Montreal. She recently shot an editorial spread for issue 12 of WORN, and sometimes takes photos for our blog. Arden is (almost naturally) friends with Yuli Sato, another Montreal photographer and a recent WORN Crush. Arden talks to WORN about silly high school phases, Britney and Justin’s matching outfits at the American Music Awards, and the inspiration behind her shoot in issue 12.

What’s your favourite fashion publication, and why do you like it?
My favourite fashion magazine is Lula, hands down. I’m a total dork and hold onto all the issues, so I’ve got a big stack of them in my bedroom. I really appreciate how finely they’ve tuned their aesthetic. It’s really consistent in its palette and feel, so after a while it kind of seems like hanging out with an imaginary girlfriend flipping through it. They profile really interesting women and frame it all in such a sweet, earnest, conversational way. It just makes me feel really good to look through it, which is definitely not what I’d say about a lot of fashion magazines.
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We Had a Pants Party

To celebrate our issue launch, we had a shindig at the Dovercourt House, with leopard print slacks and suspsenders a-gogo. But don’t listen to me — these photos speak for themselves.

There are more on our flickr page — though of course, if you really wanted to get the full experience pictured above, the best thing to do is pick up a copy of issue 12 yourselves.
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Issue 12 is Officially For Sale

We are no longer in pre-sale! That means you buy it, we ship it! (I totally broke my one exclaimation mark rule here, but I’m just that excited.) Subscriptions are going out everyday in as many piles as we can carry to Canada Post. I’m really in love with the guts of issue 12, and I hope you are too. I want to hear what you think when your subscription arrives…

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love, Serah-Marie

Oh my Goodness, it’s Issue 12

The new issue is here and in many boxes lining the stairs to my apartment. I’m really excited to get these out into the world! Today and tomorrow a few wornettes and I will be driving around Toronto dropping off copies at stores we distribute to directly. Stores the distributor takes care of (like Chapters and Indigo) will show up in the next couple weeks, and the same for stores outside of Toronto. The whole team of wornettes will be stuffing and licking all the subscription envelopes this Sunday and we’ll be shipping out as many as we can carry every day after that.

If you want to know what stores sell WORN you can find out HERE.
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If you want to pre-order a copy that will be sent out after May 15th, you can do so HERE.