5 Things to Read Instead of Paying Attention in Class

Alexander McQueen, fashion advice for kids, and 11 really weird beauty tips

Words for Kids who Love Fashion on Final Fashion
While much of this amazing advice is targeted at children, it’s never too late to take note. Danielle Meder offers atypical suggestions like ‘develop cultural literacy,’ when the most prevalent advice being given to kids who want to start a career in fashion is to start a blog.

How to Be Handsome: 11 Really Terrible 19th Century Beauty Tips
Prime yourself for history class with some of the head-scratchingly bizarre beauty routines of our ancestors. If you thought heated eyelash curlers were weird, you’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg.

FATshion on XOJane.com
I am just finishing up my personal summer reading list with Two Whole Cakes by Lesley Kinzel, who also happens to write FATshion, the most on-point and hilarious fashion commentary to be found anywhere on the web.

Ryerson appoints first Designer-in Residence
Fashion and academia are relatively recent bedfellows, and Ryerson University in Toronto is blazing the trail by appointing the first ever Designer-in-Residence. What else could you expect from the only University in Canada that offers a Fashion Communications program?

The Nature of Alexander McQueen: the aesthetics of fashion design as a site of environmental change

If the title sounds really wordy and academic, that’s probably because it is. I wrote my undergraduate thesis last Spring about the significance of art to the environmental movement, and explored the significance of Alexander McQueen’s designs as examples of art. This link ties the two together into a smart and useful package: get your furrowed brow ready.

illustration // Andrea Manica

Très Click: The Wondrfl Wrld of Tumblr

Renee and Chris on My Parents Were Awesome

Looking back through my own posts on Tumblr, I found a blurb from last May that listed “recurring themes on tumblr (from memory).” The list included girls in fields, Mean Girls, “cute” couples, spines, Selby-ish houses, Skins, pretty flowers, tea cups, French macarons, and Coco Chanel quotes. Tumblr can be predictable, to say the least. On some dark days, you need a little more than a million pretty pictures to inspire you back into happiness; but on others, pretty pictures can be just what the doctor ordered. Some cheeky commentary doesn’t hurt, either.

Here are some of my favourite fashion-filled Tumblrs:

Fuck Yeah Vintage
A celebration of all things vintage, from clothing and celebrities to public service announcements and magazines.

My Parents Were Awesome
Follower-submitted photos of the parents of the Tumblr Generation. Old family photos are the best.

Fuck Yeah Isabella Blow
All things Blow-related: photos from throughout Isabella’s life, quotes, anecdotes and editorials.

Fuck Yeah Bob Dylan
We all know how I feel about Bob Dylan’s style. This Tumblr combines photos with film stills, songs, quotes, gifs and more.

Fuck Yeah Comme Des Garçons
Photos of everything (and I mean everything) Comme Des Garçons, from advertisements and product shots to celebrities wearing the brand.

- Stephanie Fereiro