Magazine Review: Fashion Projects No. 3

When I started reading Francesca Granata’s editor’s letter in Fashion Projects No. 3, something struck me as incredibly familiar. Then I re-read my own editor Serah-Marie’s interview with artist Iris Haussler in issue 10 of WORN, an article aptly titled “Second Hand Stories.” Both writers address and assess the connection between clothing and memory – the fact that garments themselves are important vessels of personal stories, and that they can in turn tell those stories or leave them behind. The third issue of NYC-based independent magazine Fashion Projects is titled “On Fashion and Memory,” and features a series of interviews with designers, museum curators, and photographers who explore memories’ ties to fashion with their creations.

The little magazine measures only 9.5 x 6.5 inches, and with heavy pages of book-like quality, the publication’s 52 pages pack a punch. The issue begins with an introduction explaining Granata’s interest in fashion and memory and the growth of her idea to dedicate an entire issue to the topic, which stemmed from a reading of Peter Stallybrass’s “Worn Worlds: Clothes, Mourning, and the Life of Things,” in which the author remembers a late colleague through the garments he wore. Turning the pages brings the reader to three lengthy, insightfully conducted interviews, a photo essay about the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s Textiles Collection, a short piece on the recovery of 10,000 sweaters from the now-closed Ohio Knitting Mills, and two more interviews.
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