let it show, let it show, let it show

Ah, the holidays are upon us. Every year, right after American Thanksgiving, I yank out my box of Christmas (okay, two boxes) and start unpacking all things sparkly and glittery and gold that I’ve collected over the years. The next few days are all about the Pee-Wee Herman Christmas Special, the John Waters Christmas CD, wool socks and eggnog. These are my holiday traditions. My other holiday tradition is the rush of holiday sales that crowd the calendar this time of year. I love getting to meet readers and make new ones, and dream of all the new copies of WORN that will be tucked under the tree with care. If you in Toronto or Montreal, come say hi to the wornette elves working the tables this year.

Buying gifts at a movie theater is inarguably a great idea. Movie inspired gift suggestions: croquet set a la Heathers, Otis Redding album a la Pretty in Pink, or a copy of Howl a la Gilmore Girls. Okay I know that last one isn’t a movie, but who wouldn’t want to get an annotated copy of Howl from Jess?
Saturday, December 4 from 11-5:30pm at the Fox Theatre (2236 Queen St E. in the Beaches).

Kensington Market’s Kid Icarus puts this show on in a totally fitting church basement, replacing the crochet snowflakes made by senior citizens with crochet snowflakes made by Parkdale hipsters.
Saturday, December 4th 11-6pm at the St.Stephen-in-the-Fields (103 Bellevue Ave at College).

Tiny chair necklaces. Candles in teacups. Number eleven monsters. Cat log cabins. Sometimes I very seriously miss living in Montreal. Design goodness abound.
Friday, December 3 from 6-9pm / Saturday December 4 from 11-6pm / Sunday December 5 from 11-6pm (160 rue St-Viateur Est, 2nd floor).

We don’t actually have a table at this show, but we’re an official sponsor, and we’re doing the FOR KEEPS show with them. And it’s awesome. GO!
Saturday December 18th 11am-6pm / Sunday December 19th 11am-5pm at The Theatre Centre (1087 Queen Street West), $2 Admission.

- Serah-Marie