Crushing on Scarffaces

Last Christmas, my best friend Laura made me a big, chunky-knit, red scarf. It was so beautiful that people would stop me on the street to ask where I got it. “Oh,” I would say smugly. “You can’t buy it. My really cool friend made it just for me.”

Well, it looks like I’ll have to wipe that smug look off my own face. Now anyone can own a scarf handmade with love: Laura is officially in business as Scarffaces. Laura uses the softest wool and the most beautiful colours customized for each order. You can choose between several different styles—a Will-E (named after our friend Will and everyone’s favorite waste disposal robot), a Val Braided Headband (named after our friend Valary), or even a Boobie (in support of breast cancer research). For obvious reasons, I highly recommend the Haley.

She is truly revolutionizing the way people think of scarves and faces, and that’s why I’m crushing on her.

Tell us about Scarffaces!
Scarffaces is a company I started by myself, based in Brooklyn. I hand knit all items and choose the yarn based on my personal aesthetic. Having endured five years of cold, long winters in Montreal, I try to make all of my Scarffaces thick-knit and bulky to create the warmth needed for the coldest weather.

Where did the name “Scarffaces” come from?

My dad came up with the name Scarffaces after a long brainstorm session. It’s perfect because it’s not only the name of the company but it’s also the name of the products! They’re not just scarves, they’re SCARFFACES.

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We Also Have Thoughts About Oscar Outfits

In the week since the Academy Awards aired, the internet has been abuzz about the best and worst looks. The way you’d hear the tabloids talk about it, a starlet who dares wear a dress that is “unflattering” (read: doesn’t make her look as skinny as possible) is far more offensive than a host in blackface.

There probably isn’t a ton of new things to say about awards ceremony dresses (rich people in fancy dresses!) but it’s still fun to see favourite runway looks in action. Usually, though, it’s the same dresses that end up on every best dressed list. We definitely don’t aim to disparage the popular looks (even though Gwenyth Paltrow has the unfortunate habit of being Gwenyth Paltrow, many of us thought her minimalist Tom Ford gown and cape ensemble was killer), we still thought there were some overlooked or critically panned outfits that deserve our respect. Here, the wornettes compiled some of our favourite looks.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Bunto Kazmi
Sharmeen, who won the Oscar for the documentary short Saving Face, took her moment on the red carpet to highlight a designer from her native Pakistan. I am loving the pattern on this dress, apparently a combination of a Persian motif, birds, and French knots. My favourite aspect of this dress is definitely the beaded loops coming out from the sleeves: it’s like a necklace for your shoulders. // Anna Fitzpatrick
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I Demand a Recount!

Bill Cunningham, New York was, was without a doubt, my favorite film of 2011. It made me cry four—four!—times. So when award season rolled around and it wasn’t nominated for Best Documentary, I was convinced the ballots had been switched. If I was in charge, it would have won all the awards.

The documentary itself is simple: a humble street style photographer reluctantly discusses his long career. Distinguished members of the mainstream fashion industry sing his praises; colleagues from former jobs extol his superhuman work ethic; the eclectic subjects of his photographs talk about the effect Bill Cunninghmam has had on their lives. All of this plays out against a classic David and Goliath type of struggle. Bill is one of the last remaining residents living in a rent-controlled apartment over Carnegie Hall. The owners want him and his few neighbors out; they are planning to rent their units as office space for greater profit. Will they force him, an 82 year old living legend, to leave his modest space for a new and unfamiliar condo? YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE TO FIND OUT.

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Nailing It: A Love Story

Black and pink nails with kitten paw prints, for WORN’s Black Cat Ball

Here’s a story I probably should not tell: my laptop, which was really my boyfriend’s old laptop, recently became obsolete. It was technically a fully functional MacBook Pro, but it was so old that it could not do the things that we now regard as necessary for Internet use i.e. watch any sort of video player, open zip files, and so on and so forth. Even though I knew it was time for a new laptop I kept resisting—Apple products are really fucking expensive, you guys, and I’m cheap about that sort of thing. Put a pair of Alexander Wang shoes in front of me and I’m all, “Yeah, that makes sense,” but try to get me to buy a piece of high quality equipment that I will use every day, professionally and personally, and I’m all, “I don’t know, let me make a pro/con list.”

So: My boyfriend finds a beautiful refurbished MacBook for an amazing price on the online Apple store and wants me to just buy it. I am hemming and hawing and checking and re-checking my bank accounts until I am hit with a realization—my old laptop was bought in 2005, which means it never had a camera. This one was made in 2010. “AH,” I yell like a banshee, “I CAN TAKE PICTURES OF MY NAILS ON THIS COMPUTER. BUY IT, BUY IT BUY IT, BUY IT.”"

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