Book Review: Fashionable Technology (The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science, and Technology)

The day we were assigned book reviews, I had just come from a lecture on electronic textiles. I took the fact that Fashionable Technology, a book all about electronic textiles and fashion, was up for grabs as a sign and decided I was chosen by a higher power to review it. While the book and I did not necessarily have a divine connection, it’s a fascinating volume. Fashionable Technology aims to be a comprehensive reference guide for students and researchers in the field, but it’s accessible to the layman. Over the past few decades, engineers and designers have been working together to create clothing that goes beyond ideas of style or warmth. Innovations in technology have allowed for garments that react to outside stimuli or receive messages via Bluetooth. The book features myriad creations by more than fifty designers and companies, from undergraduate students to Nike. The projects profiles are supplemented by a preface on what components you need to design your own electronic textiles, as well as comprehensive lists of blogs, suppliers and institutions that might lead you toward your technological dreams.

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