Roses are red, Violets are [WORN]

Egad, Valentine’s Day.

I have never known what to do with this day. Taking it too seriously is a recipe for disappointment, but ignoring it completely smacks of bitterness. It’s been a dilemma -– until now. Enter the WORN JOURNAL HEARTBREAK KARAOKE PARTY at the Cameron House.

This night promises some pretty good stuff. There are goodies and gift bags (early birds get the bags), contests, prizes. There’s even a Valentine Card Delivery service – but best of all, there’s a karaoke song list that’s all about The Love.

Are you all out of love? Is there only pain by the dashboard light? Thought you were falling in love, but now you’re only falling apart? Belt it out in front of a room full of tipsy strangers; you’ll probably feel better. Or worse. Actually, sometimes feeling worse makes you feel better, too. If you’re really terrible, you’ll just make everyone else feel worse, which can be very satisfying as well…

Besides, if that day comes and you find you don’t have anyone to kiss – just share a microphone with a hundred people. It’ll be like kissing everybody.

February 14, 2009 – Valentine’s Day, 9 PM – 2 AM
The Cameron House, 408 Queen St W
Cover $7 (or $5 if you’re wearing red)