Fringe Benefits

The last time I tried to grow my bangs out, I was in middle school. The feat proved nearly impossible – a combination of a low forehead, a widow’s peak, and thick hair I inherited from my mother’s side of the family made it so that my tresses would always fall into my face, obstructing my field of vision and causing me to bang my shins on many a coffee table. Now in adulthood, my best friend will often say to me, “I’m sure your styling techniques have improved at some point in the past decade, so why don’t you try growing out your bangs again?” I tell her that I just can’t be bothered, that I have better things to worry about than my hairstyle. This is a lie. In truth, my bangs have been something of a trademark – my gift, my curse, my raison d’être. I do not tell her this because then she’ll think I’m cuckoo, and I depend on her to let me know about all the cool parties.
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