Crushing on Eline from a Fluffy Blog

On her website, A Fluffy Blog, style blogger Eline describes herself as “a 21-year-old colour-obsessed illustration student” who worships “cats and meaningless fluff.” Her daily outfit posts, usually consisting of lots of vintage and DIY, are an explosion of all that is colorful, fuzzy, and upbeat, interspersed with her own intelligent musings on clothing (and the occasional requisite cat pictures).

What did you dress like as a girl? Were you always so into bright colours?
As a little girl my mother used to dress me up in an abundance of all sorts of brands and designers because we had the money and my parents loved living the good life in every aspect, I guess. They were very close to what I wear now, actually! Bright coloured dresses with poofy skirts and all sorts of quirky prints and stuff attached. I especially remembered this one Prussian blue dress with tiny mirrors attached! I also still have a hat that has a complete country scene on it, with trees with apples and fields with carrots all 3D sewed into the scene. It’s amazing!

I wasn’t always this into bright colours but I’ve always been extremely interested in the effect of colours and most of all contrast colours (red-green, orange-blue, yellow-purple). I remember suddenly realizing I could easily implement this in my wardrobe and got so excited about the red vs green combo I wore it for over a year. In the end I got sick of that and started experimenting with other contrast colours as well as other kinds of colours vs colour. And now I’ve ended up as this jumbled up rainbow mix of colours.

Do you find people tend to be more creative with their outfits at an arts school? Does what you wear stand out?
I think people in an arts school are very focused on aesthetics and so it’s unsurprising that most end up outing this in their wardrobe as well. Strangely back in my arts high school when you did this you were kind of seen as a traitor because people were still under the delusion that an artist doesn’t care for material possessions, and especially not such a commercially influenced thing as fashion! Teenagers! Now, pretty much everyone cares for it, whether they’re dressed in rags or not, most of them are making a fashion statement in my mind.

Not everyone gets equally creative but there are certainly a lot more people than in other schools. There are probably only a handful that really stand out though and yeah, I guess I’m one of them seeing as I often get recognized outside of school when people are drunk and come up to me asking me to touch my hair, haha.

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