Me and Mrs. Jones: An Interview with the Editor of Plus Model Magazine

When fashion rags start promising a new me, my body begins to feel less like flesh and bones and more like a construction site. “With a little work,” the magazine covers promise, “this house will be ready for sale and looking fabulous before you can say summer. But…it’s gonna cost.” Thankfully this year, I’d already found Plus Model Magazine, a monthly online publication that sings to a completely different tune. In the editor’s letter of a recent issue, Madeline Jones wrote, “I truly hope this is the year that big changes will be made. Not just in the modeling industry, but in all of our personal lives. Stop the persecution of your arms, bellies and thighs and celebrate the bodies you were given by loving them inside and out.” Along with messages of body acceptance, Plus Model Magazine provides fashion inspiration for the curvy woman, information about the plus size modeling industry, gorgeous editorials, and interviews with strong and smart women, like the managing editor of BUST. I got a chance to interview Jones, the strong, smart woman behind Plus Model Magazine, to hear more about the publication and her thoughts on the fashion industry.

Plus Model Magazine, in its own words, “inspires you to thrive in your curves, crave contemporary fashion and design your life on your own terms, sans apologies.” Why do you think it’s important for a fashion magazine to have this message?

Many people underestimate the power behind fashion, especially to how it relates to women. Plus size women lack the images they need to inspire them daily; they do not have it in television, movies, or magazines. Have we seen more of a push towards acceptance in the last few years? Absolutely. However, this is all it has been, a step closer, but we are not there yet. Plus Model Magazine published it’s first issue six years ago. Without truly knowing whether this was a publication that would be accepted, we took the initiative and the feedback from brands, designers, and plus size women was overwhelming. It was clear to us, plus size women and this industry in particular was ready to grow with us and allow us to explore where it would take us. It was important for us put the goal of this publication out there for all readers to see. It would not only inspire us, but it would hold us accountable to our very own words.

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