Everything’s Coming up WORN

Pop quiz! What can you do once you’ve finished reading the latest issue of WORN? Why, read about WORN, of course!

If you grab the latest issue of 10 Magazine, you’ll see WORN being featured prominently in “The Real Deal,” an excellent article by Richard Benson about independent fashion publishing. While the piece focuses on the print version of our magazine, they also compliment our blog, making our web editor (yours truly) blush.

Sadie Stein over at The Paris Review (ooh la la!) says that she is “quite enamoured” with WORN and finds issue 12 to be “a total delight.”

Fashion Magazine picked us as one of their 8 “Must Read Independent Mags and Zines.” As they put it, “[W]hat matters for Worn is the individual pleasure of dressing and its history.” Well, what can we say? We try. We try really, really hard.

Over at the Link, Concordia’s independent paper, Sara McCulloch interviews our own director of fact checking and blog copy editor, Stefanee (er, Stephanie) Fereiro. They talk internships, advertising policies, and getting paid in DVD rentals.

And speaking of DVDs, you’ve probably now seen Daniel Wornette’s wonderful compilation of all the outfits Cher wore in Clueless. The rest of the internet watched it as well, and it was given props by The Hairpin, Videogum, Rolling Stone, the Huffington Post, NY Mag, Jezebel, the Gloss, Bust, Elle, Elle UK, Glamour, Racked, Toronto Life, Styleite, Nubby Twiglet, Meg Cabot, and a million different tumblrs. Naturally, we are all excited to see what Daniel is going to do for his next blog post. No pressure.

photography by Samantha Walton