Crushing on Fashion Hayley

Hayley Hughes is awesome. She’s a stylist, a street-style photographer, the creative director for Melbourne Street Fashion, and a fashion blogger – well, a fashion everywoman. Needless to say, her blog, Fashion Hayley, has been a long favourite at the WORN office.

What did you dress like in high school?
I was a little crazy in high school. It was 1998 and I was a “grunger”. My fave outfit was: red flares from an op shop (thrift store in USA English), a purple tie dyed slip dress from a market, pink fairy wings, blue hair, nose piercing, fake lip piercing which eventually became real, assortment of bindis on my face and lots of glitter make-up. Oh, and I carried an Elmo doll around who also wore fairy wings.

Have you always worn what you love, or has that come with age?
With me its always been about wearing what I love. Even as a kid when my parents wanted me to wear jeans and a t-shirt I would throw a tantrum because I wanted to wear a dress. My mum eventually just let me go and experiment with fashion however I saw fit. She tells me how my grandparents would call her up and ask mum to please dress me in something more respectable. She never did and I was able to leave the house in all manners of intensely stupid garb, but it was fun.

From reading your blog, I get the impression that you have a pretty profound love for Japan. Where did that come from?
My love of Japan all started when I bought my first copy of Fruits magazine in 2000. I was still at high school and I became obsessed with the crazy looks on the kids of Harajuku and I started to take my own street fashion photographs. I finally went over to Japan on a holiday in 2004 and absolutly fell in love with the country, vowing to move there as soon as I could. In 2006 that dream came true and I moved to Tokyo to teach English and get to know the fashion scene. I ended up becoming best friends with a girl from that very first issue of Fruits magazine I bought without realising it until I got back to Australia and looked through the old mag.
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