anisha wornette

I come to WORN via Edmonton, where I grew up as one of the few liberals in Alberta (an exaggeration yes, but it does feel that way sometimes) and harbouring a great passion for the arts. I thusly found myself in Toronto doing a Masters in Art History and landing at a local auction house (where I occupied my time by spending more on vintage jewellery, furniture, and art, than I actually made and coveting pieces of great design). I am a major consumer of visual culture. Give me fashion, art, movies, TV, music, books, and politics. If it is visually engaging in the least bit I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. This can be directly attributed to my upbringing. I was watching MTV as soon as I was able to sit up, moving quickly to movies (where I delightfully exclaimed “Such a big TV!”). Here my mother thankfully gave me a comprehensive education in classic film. I regularly watched Fashion File with Tim Blanks when I was still in elementary school and was a shopping addict at an early age. Frequent trips to India taught me the lessons of beautiful textiles, fabrics, and colors. Finally, the lesson that the power of an image is subtle yet great has been well learned through my lifelong addiction to politics.

Current Inspirations:

Temperley London
Not really a site or a blog, but still inspiring none-the-less. This has to be the best, and most intriguing promotional film for a collection I’ve seen in a long time. It’s just really cool.

A fantastically cheeky take on contemporary fashion.

Nature Morte
A really great contemporary art gallery in New Delhi. As I am currently going through a major India withdrawl (I just really want to jump on a plane to India), this has gotten a lot of my attention lately. Indian contemporary artists are doing visually fantastic things. You will not be bored by the works presented here.

The Moment
This blog for the New York Times style magazine T is a really great place to go for the latest in fashion, design, art, and pretty much just cool stuff. I really enjoy the range of stuff consistently covered here.

Asian Fashion Blog
Did I mention that I have a burgeoning desire to hop on a plane to India? Well this is a pretty good blog dedicated to current Indian fashion. As there is a dearth of decent Indian fashion blogs this is a great place to go to see what’s going on in Indian fashion.