Awesome Ladies Read WORN

From left: Jane, Edith, SNP, and Inez from Magic Pony

We asked for our readers to send in pictures of themselves reading Issue 13 of WORN, and they did not disappoint. Our readers are all total babes!

From left: Caitlyn from Robber, Hazel, Laura, and Anabela

Our readers even have exceptionally attractive cats.

We love to see your pretty faces! Send us photos of yourself holding Issue 13 of WORN. You can send it via Twitter, post it to our Facebook wall, or just send a good old-fashioned email to dearworn @

Cute Celebrities (in Black & White) Read WORN

When taking a break from filming Star Trek episodes or being huge stars of 1920s silent films, some of your favourite celebrities like to wind down with issue 12 of WORN Fashion Journal.

“Wait a second,” some of you intone, “Hasn’t Louise Brooks been dead for 25 years? WORN’s only been around for six. This doesn’t make any sense. In fact, it looks like you Photoshopped this in a convoluted attempt to drum up publicity for the magazine. Come on, Anna, who do you think we are? It isn’t even good Photoshop.”

Hush, gentle readers. It turns out that a love of WORN can transcend even the strictest laws of time, space, physics and photo editing.

Send your own fan photos to webeditor @

- Anna Fitz

Cute Girls Read WORN

Nothing warms our hearts better during these cold winter months than fan photos.

Meg Clark from Good Morning Midnight
(Psst: if you haven’t already read Meg’s brilliant essay on Why Fashion is Worth Blogging About, you should do so.)

Gabby Noone of Quirky and Co.

If anyone else out there has a WORN-lovin’ pic to share, email us at dearworn @!

- Anna Fitz