Shoe and Tell

I have been a very bad blogger. We at WORN have been scrambling to get the new issue to print and though I’ve got some posts in the works (things like bicycle chic and my love/hate relationship with Juergen Teller) I’ve been swamped with last minute tasks. The good news is a lot of the stuff I “have” to do feels more like stuff I “get” to do.

WORN’s Next Top Model, formerly known as intern Victoria Rumi, waits for her cue as current intern Anna Fitz and I dress the set for our Issue 8 cover shoot. (Thanks Exile for providing the unlimited wardrobe!) Victoria had her doubts about fitting into a 24” waist but, as anyone who has ever zipped into a 1950s prom dress knows, breathing is overrated.

Only a few days after our photo shoot adventure, I found myself in the vaults of the Bata Shoe Museum with photographer Alyssa K. Faoro. While Alyssa took pictures of Bata curator Elizabeth Semmelhack to accompany her interview in the upcoming Shoe Issue, I tried not to touch. (I was gently reprimanded early on for letting my finger brush the heel of a very tempting stiletto.) I sensibly put my hands in my pockets and stuck to fondling the footwear with my eyes. When I saw this image later, it made me laugh. I wasn’t mugging for the camera – I just really like shoes that much.

The issue goes to print this week and then it’s full steam ahead for the ART and SOLE exhibit (opening at the Bata on May 21st) and the SOL[e]D! event in June.

I don’t mean to brag, but working for WORN is pretty damn cool.