Heartbreak Karaoke is back!

Was it the son of a preacher man? A devil in a blue dress?

Or just that guitar picker your daddy told you not to marry

(You know they ain’t no good and your babies will probably grow up to be cowboys, too.)

You obviously don’t listen – but now everyone else will, dammit.

WORN FASHION JOURNAL proudly presents



don’t just feel the pain, spread it around.

We’ve got a microphone, sad, sad songs,

and enough bitter tears and sweet liquor to fill a swimming pool.

What else could you possibly need to mourn your latest romantic folly?

The hurtin’ happens at THE SUPERMARKET, 268 Augusta Ave

Doors open at 9 PM

Heartbreak at 9:01

Total emotional catharsis and hail a cab at 2 AM

$7 at the door, $5 if you’re wearing RED

Consider this your chance to dish it out instead of take it. You can thank us later.

Looking for a Co-Director of Events at WORN

WORN Fashion Journal has thrown some truly great parties: karaoke, decade dances, gala fundraisers — we love to celebrate with our readership and community. But all of this play isn’t without a little elbow grease behind the scenes. We do our best to cook up something special for every WORN event, and now we need another crafty events coordinator to add his or her own special spice to our upcoming launch parties and fundraisers. This is an excellent opportunity for leadership experience in event planning and publicity within Toronto’s (and beyond) artistic community. This is a volunteer position for now, on average 5-6 hours a week, double time just before an event. A 12 month commitment is required. The successful applicant will be working closely with the current event director to divide tasks, generate ideas and explore the possibilities of additional programming.

More information and application details.

Time after Time (after Time)

Greetings, loyal WORN readers! Do you remember that party we had to celebrate the launch of issue 11? You should, it was only three weeks ago. Anyway, Wornettes Haley, Valentina and Casie produced this video (filmed and edited by Daniel Reis) to commemorate the fun, so now you’ll never forget.

For those of you who can’t play the video right now because you want to keep up the illusion of working while at the office, we’ve uploaded the pictures to our flickr. So mosey on over there and flick away. Here are some highlights (bowties were popular, it seems):

Gift packs go with every ensemble.

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Saturday night brought out Toronto’s most stylish (also: my mom) to the Dovercourt house to celebrate the release of issue 11. These polaroids from Peter Wornette are our only evidence so far, but more pretty party pics from the photobooth will be up on our flickr account Monday, November 22nd, so stay tuned.

- Anna Fitz